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This mod provides "helpers" for 3 of the so-called "wild goose chase" optional quests in Oblivion: The Collector, A Venerable Vintage, and the Daedric Quests. It is an updated and bugfixed version of the file by lubronbrons, which was originally created by ACHILLES.

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An updated and bugfixed version of the merged file by lubronbrons, which was originally created by ACHILLES.

Find Umbacano's Notes in Umbacano's Attic, The Book of Daedra in any book shop, and the Shadowbanish Wine Manifest in any Shadowbanish Wine chest. They will add map markers to your map when read.

My update to this mod applies the following fixes to lubronbrons' version:

  • The documents/books can now be read while in your inventory and you will still receive the new map markers (previously you had to drop the Shadowbanish Wine Manifest and Book of the Daedra and then read them to get the markers added)
  • Unofficial Oblivion Patch changes have been carried forward, as some fixes could not be carried forward by the bashed patch, such as the non-respawning flag of Shadowbanish Wine chests
  • Correct bash tags have been applied to make sure the mod works when using another mod such as Book Jackets: Oblivion, assuming you use a bashed patch
  • Wrote the names of the forts and the ayleid ruins in the texts of the Shadowbanish Wine Manifest and Umbacano's Notes
  • Fixed the incorrect icon for Shadowbanish Wine Manifest
  • Minor typo/grammatical fixes

Thanks to lubronbrons and ACHILLES for their work on the mod.

Original Readme by ACHILLES:


Readme by lubronbrons: