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Miss the hotkeys with Northern UI? Try this!

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Nothern UI Hotkeys
Hotkeys are back!

This program will add hotkeys functions to the amazing Northern UI. It's experimental and It's the first release, I've only tested in my machine. If it's not working for you, you can uninstall it easilly, it doesn't touch anything in the game, or tell me what happened in the post tab.
If it's working, a simple endorsement or a thank you is a great reward for me and an indication of if this is working.
The program doesn't touch your moding or anything, just add some files.

This has not been tested with Norther UI away even if it should work.
The program is sometimes recognised as a virus because it obviously launch another program. It's a false positive, you can check it with virustotal, but feel free to not use it if you have any doubt. I can't do anything about it.

Just added expirimental support for the gog version, please tell me if it works in the post tab

-Well you don't loose anything like the possibility to browse the menus with the Dpad
-It doesn't touch anything or affect the data folder or any file related to the game
-The game should launch without have to click on play every time (if you have the default launcher and a 1080p display)
-Guide Button will perform a save if you install Safe Saves. You'll have to edit:
Steam\SteamApps\common\Oblivion\Data\ini\dizzySafeSave.ini and put 13 instead of 63
-Holding the guide button 2 sec will do a quick save with safe files installed or not

-Now you'll have to launch the game with NUHotkeys shortcut
-To navigate between the tabs in the inventory (Weapons, armors...)you'll have to use the left analog stick
-For the Dpad Up and Down you'll have to position to the item above and below before press the dpad

-Designed for the steam version of the game, Gog version support is experimental. I wait for the confirmation that it works.
-Not working if you use Mod organizer since it manage the oblivion/data folder, to make it work I should work on a specific integration, and I don't have time for this

How It Works
It's working like a frontend to the oblivion game. Now you'll have to launch the game with the NUHotkeys shortcut on your desktop.
The bonus is that if you're in 1080p resolution, you won't have to press play anymore, the program will do that for you because we are lazy.
But if you don't want that or have a different screen resolution, you can find a patch in the optionnal files.

Pre requisites
The first thing you need to do is go the your Oblivion folder in
Then edit northernui.ini
Find the line :
And set it to false

Download it (file tab and manual download) and uncompress anywhere you want.
Run Configurator, and click on install, then select your Oblivion folder then click on the open button.
If everything is working as it should, run the program with the new shortcut created on your desktop.
Then launch the shortcut, Click on launch game if needed and enjoy!

How to use it?

In the inventory/spells menu, you can still navigate using dpad key but if you press one of the direction while an item or a spell is selected and hold it 2 second, you will be able to assigne an hotkey pressing the A button
Then while exploring or doing whatever you want, press a direction on the dpad for 2 sec to have the hotkey menu.

It's not working for me!
Please let a comment and I'll answer it if a have a solution or if I'm working on it. Well if you use the magic words... Like any modder in the nexus, I'm just a guy who is sharing his work for free but if you're not happy with if, I do refund, just ask!
There is few things you can check:
-Try to set keys with your keyboard, if it's not working, try to reset to default keys
-Check if you have runner.exe in the task manager after launched the game, if not it's your AV that prevent this to work

The shortcut is not created on my desktop
Check that your AV program hasn't stop the creation process (It was the case for me with bitdefender for instance)

Nothing happens when I tried to launch the program with the shortcut.

-Be sure you have selected the Oblivion folder on the installation process then pressed open, not inside the folder
To be sure, To do that go to your Oblivion folder and check if this files are in the folder:

How do I uninstall it?
You should do this manually, I've not tested the uninstaller yet. Basicly, go to your oblivion folder and delete:
am folder

Nothern UI has been updated?
This is not using anything of northernUI, unless the author implemented the ability to use hotkeys that make this mod useless, there's no need to change anything. If you've updated Northern UI, do again what needed in the pre requisite section.

I gor Application load error 5
It happened to me too once. Basicly it can happen when oblivion is not on the same hard drive than steam. It's drm related.
I fixed it reinstalling NuiHotkeys, running again the configurator but, I still don't know why it's happening.

When I download it, it says the files are corrupted
This can be caused by the nexus that sometimes corrupt the files when downloading or your AV that detect a false positive. I'm not the owner/manager of the nexus website or the programmer or your AV by the way...

Gog version? Other  Version?

The problem is that I don't have any of these version to test but I plan to add few lines to the code to make it compatible.
If it's not working, there's not much I can do cause I can't but all those version to perform some tests.

If you're finding this file anywhere else than on the Nexus, pleast let a comment in the mod or send me an mp
(fletch2099 on the nexus)

If you liked it, endorse, share or leave a comment.

If not, well, I don't really care! I have the same philosophy than the Nexus,  It's my pleasure to just share for free my work, but I don't owe anyone anything! I'll try to help if I can but I won't help anyone that is acting like if he bougt a software and is angry because it's not working for him! Soon I'll have 100 files on the nexus on different games and ok, I'm a bit tired of those people who often have problems because they don't take the time to read the description!

Bon Jeu!