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Adds two gems that you can use as "anchors" to teleport between, similar to Mark and Recall. Inspired by the two Pyramids from Divine Divinity.

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== Description ==
This mod adds two gems, a ruby and a sapphire, that act as "anchors" in the world to teleport between. Pick one up, and you are given the spell to teleport to the other one (dropping it will remove the spell). Alternatively, activate the gem while sneaking to be teleported to the other one. Keep in mind that you cannot teleport to a gem if it is in a container or in someone's pocket.

To pick up a gem, activate it while standing. To teleport to the other without picking it up, activate it while sneaking.

One of the gems is hidden in the Bravil Chapel Hall, near some furniture. There will be a screenshot just in case.
As for the other gem's location, you'll find out when you teleport to it....

== Compatibility  ==
Should be compatible with pretty much everything, unless a mod drastically changes the two locations I used for the gems.

== Known Issues ==
No actual issues at this time. Being gems, they can be a bit hard to see, but they're small enough so that when you teleport and stand on them, they don't fly off somewhere.