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Adds a new cobblestone texture to the imperial city & bridges that matches the vanilla texture style more closely, now with parallax.

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As the name suggests, this is a simple texture mod that adds a new cobblestone texture to the Imperial City & bridges.

While modding oblivion myself I found several great texture mods that enhanced the Imperial City, but I couldn't find a
mod that had a cobblestone texture I liked.

The concept was to make it in that same fanned style as the vanilla texture, I liked how it kind of made you follow the road with your eyes - but I wanted it also to be made out of the same stone as the buildings were made out of; you get the idea that maybe this is what the Ayleids did with the smaller stones they had left over in thier quarries.

There are two versions; one in a greyer style with darker brown mud; this fits well with the vanilla textures and is the version I liked, however I noticed it didn't fit well with some other mods so I made a second version with a more reddish-brown hue that may go better with some setups - the choice is yours!

Available in 4k, 2k or 1k sizes
(I don't notice much of a difference between 4k and 2k while playing at 4k, but the option is there).


Should work with everything!

v.1.0 - Initial Release
v.1.1 - Added Parallax Occlusion
v.1.2 - Alpha Bugfix
v1.3 - "White-Gold" release - Stones have been re-toned to match the rest of the IC's stonework, extra texture and specular highlights have been added, mud has been made a darker brown and colour noise has been removed from the gravel, extra leaves & moss has been added to add visual flair, plus brand new 4k Normal Maps have been added! - check the screenshots for a comparison to v1.2.

(Note: You need the meshes from QTP3 to enable parallax, specifically those from "Meshes/Architecture/ImperialCity", and/or Oblivion Reloaded.)

If you'd like to use this mod in your mod and/or mod compilation, drop me a message beforehand so I can take a look at what you want to do with it.

Also crediting me would be appreciated, thanks.