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Simply doubles all trees sizes. Compatible with all retextures and mods that add existing trees to the world.

Permissions and credits
This mod doubles the size of various SpeedTree models.
In other words, all the trees are now bigger.

there are 4 options:
One for vanilla Oblivion and only increases the size of vanilla trees.
Another option is meant to be used with Lush and Gaudy Floriana Gloria
Another option is meant to be used with Lush and Gaudy Tropical Frippery or mods that use it's SpeedTree files.
Another option is meant to be used with Arboretum - retexture for a tree-hugging crowd

I recommend you make a backup of your Oblivion/trees directory as my mod will overwrite those files.
To install the mod simple drop the files in the 'trees' directory in the oblivion/trees directory.

As my mod only changes SpeedTree files it's compatible with any mod made in the Construction Set and any and all texture replacers.

Known Issues
In some cases, a tree might go into another mesh or so.
If using the Lush and Gaudy Floriana Gloria trees, you and NPC's will be able to walk through some trees, this is an issue with the some of the Trees the mod adds, I've not been able to fix this yet, a possible workaround has been mentioned by 1Mac in the comment section but remains untested.
Update: a fix has been provided by Syphex, you can get it here:

1.1 Fixed a wrong value in some trees.
1.0 Initial release.

Bethesda for creating The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion.
Interactive Data Visualization, Inc. (IDV) for the creation of SpeedTree.
Brittainy for creating Lush and Gaudy Floriana Gloria and allowing for it to be modded and shared.
Bevilex for his amazing modlist which allowed for some great pictures.
Boris for ENB that allowed fpr better pictures and overall better looking game.
All the modders that have made Oblivion the amazing game it is.
The community for helping each other out.  
maczopikczo for creating Arboretum - retexture for a tree-hugging crowd and allowing for it to be modded and shared.
The Unofficial Oblivion Patch team for the fixed 'ShrubVineMapleSU.SPT' and 'ShrubVineMapleSnow.SPT' files.