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Oblivion User Interface texture overhaul.

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Oblivion UI Texture Overhaul

Oblivion's UI Menu has one of the most undesirable gaming UI that I ever played. I completely agree with Desi Quintans who states in Game UI By Example: A Crash Course in the Good and the Bad "It's a combination of wasted space, improper scaling, and inappropriate controls." Several mods are available that attempt to correct some of this. My favorite UI mod is DarNified UI by DarN. I use this in combination with the NorthernUI OBSE plugins by DavidJCobb. Even with these great UI changes, Oblivion still lacks luster, in my opinion, and I still wasn't fully satisfied with the changes. That is why I began working on remodeling the UI menu textures.

This mod gives the Oblivion UI the most extensive facelift yet. The assets used in this mod were all extracted from Oblivion's BSAs and remodeled with a new refreshing elemental background theme. Many of the menu textures were simply recolored and sharpend. A few of the menu textures were cut and pasted in layers in order to hand craft them to accomodate the overlays created. Drop shadows were added to a few to accentuate the background. 

This mod was created to replace the vanilla Oblivion menu textures. However, there is an Optional DarNified UI Textues users can install over DarNified UI to maintain the elemental theme. 

1. This mod must be installed after any mods that replace the UI textures in order to overwrite them. As this is a simple texture replacement, it will only affect the appearance and makes no other changes to the UI. It is recommended to install this mod manually. Select only one theme in the Main Files. 
2. Extract the archive to the Oblivion\Data folder.
3. DarNified UI users should download the Optional DarNified UI Textues and extract them to the Oblivion\Data folder overwriting the DarNified UI mod. 
4. Install any Optional mod files after any mod that replace the same textures.
If you wish to add the remodeled loading screens select Optional Recolored UI Loading Screens.
If you wish to add more colorful maps and map icons select Optional Recolored UI Map Menu.
If you wish to add more colorful menu icons select Optional Recolored UI Menu Icons.
Coming Soon: If you wish to add more colorful object menu icons select Optional Recolored UI Object Icons.
5. Coming Soon: Oblivion UI Texture Overhaul - PSD Templates is in the Miscellaneous files and is a Modders Resource only archive. It is a Photoshop Document that contains each file with the layers used in remodeling Oblivion UI Texture Overhaul.

All feedback is appreciated. I'm still working on remodeling more of the UI textures, but I'm not certain how long it will take. Getting feedback on the preliminary release will help me better understand what users will like I think.

Feel free to join me on the Diana TES Goth discord server to keep up to date with my progress on this mod, as well as updates to all other TES projects I'm working on.

Tools Used
Bink Video
The Elder Scrolls Construction Set by Bethesda
The Construction Set Extender by shadeMe

Sean Humburg for tutoring me in graphic design and video editing.
DarN for permission to remodel his DarNified UI textures to be compatible with Oblivion UI Texture Overhaul.
Children of the Elements by Daniel Jacob for the elemental background image.
Bethesda Game Studios for the Official TES games and the TES Construction Sets for each.

Changelog: Updated in the Docs section.