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A small collection of utility items for screenshotting purposes.

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This is a small collection of utility items for screenshotting purposes I made. You can find them in the Testing Hall in a barrel called "Screenshot Utilities".

FreeFly Camera
While the item is in your inventory, use the following keys to control the camera:
  • Insert: toggle on/off. Holding Right Ctrl activates "time freeze" (see below)
  • Right Alt: hold to manipulate camera rotation instead of position
  • Right Shift: hold to move/rotate camera 10 units instead of 1
  • Right Ctrl: locks movement/rotation to once per button press
  • Left/Right Arrow: move camera along x-axis/rotate around z-axis (Yaw)
  • Up/Down Arrow: move camera along y-axis/rotate around x-axis (Pitch)
  • PgUp/PgDown: move camera along z-axis/rotate around y-axis (Roll)
  • Home: resets camera position & rotation 
  • Forward Slash: displays current position/rotation
  • Period: decreases FOV. Holding Right Ctrl increases FOV instead. Holding Right Shift decreases/increases by 10 instead of 1
  • Apostrophe: "freezes" time (slows down to 0.1% speed) similar to "tfc 1" in Skyrim/Fallout 4
Caution: the "time freeze" is realized by using OBSE to temporarily modify the INI setting fGlobalTimeMultiplier under [General] in the Oblivion.ini. This has an effect on most things in game, which means, that Quests etc. will run equally slow, thus might result in hotkeys and the likes from other mods not working properly for the duration of the effect. If the game terminates (crashes etc.), while the "time freeze" is active you might have to reset the fGlobalTimeMultiplier to 1 manually.

Light Orb
A floating light source. Drop to use. Activate to change color and radius. Nothing special, but it might be of use to somebody.

Note: currently has just two color presets (Sunlight, Moonlight). Will eventually add more

Alenet - for creating the Camera Commands plugin