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A hunter in heavy armour? A marksman trainer without a bow? This fixes that s**t.

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TL;DR: Gives Pinarus Inventius enchanted fur armour, a bow, and higher speed.

I've been playing Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, FO3, New Vegas, FO4 for as long as I can remember and modding them nearly as long. But I've never made a mod before. This seems silly because there are loads of little things I know of that annoy me but which I have never done anything about. This made me decide to learn how to do some basic modding, and as I was just starting with the Fighter's Guild in my latest Oblivion playthrough, I thought I'd start with something simple!

Sorting out that p*ssing "hunter".

Pinarus Inventius is the "hunter" we are forced to deal with when looking for Mountain Lions. Despite being a hunter and a marksman trainer, he is clad in levelled heavy armour and carried a levelled longsword. This is not the kind of behaviour befitting a humble hunter. It also makes this quest far more tedious than it needs to be. Laden with heavy equipment he isn't skilled with, and with a low speed rating as well, he walked at pensioner pace. That made following him really rather difficult. I'm sure many of us would have ended up on the Dark Brotherhood questline far sooner if he wasn't essential.

This "mod" simply maxes out his ;speed' stat, and replaces his levelled gear with a set of fur armour, steel bow and a steel shortsword. All of this gear is enchanted to keep him reasonably effective in combat.

There are no requirements, no installation instructions and no guidelines. It's an .esp using vanilla assets. You know what to do with it.

Thanks ^,^