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Because you can never get enough akaviri mods

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Long time ago, the Akaviris where a force to be reckoned, as they almost put an end to the continent of Tamriel as it was. But very little is known about them...for some reason, like in ESO the Empire did an exhaustive research on every little aspect of their culture to the point many warriors did their own akaviri armor copycats, but whatever.

This mod adds...TWO, yeah, two small abandoned buildings of Akaviri manufacture just north of fort Ontus. They are occupied by some ancient spirits, one of whom has the key to open the chest to obtain the armor to archieve the ultimate glory, respect, recognition, glory and respect.
The ruins can also serve you for shelter in those rainy nights of Cyrodill.

Hope you like it! ^^

Creds to ElAlquimista for the armor meshes, except for the helmet wich was done by this guy