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An adaptation of Guinefort1's “Devastation of Kvatch – Scattered Weapons” mod, affecting only Kvatch and the Cheydinhal Oblivion realm featured in “The Wayward Knight”. Adds dead guards, civilians, and daedra.

Permissions and credits
DEVASTATION OF KVATCH REDUX – a mod by zymurgy65
Guinefort1's Devastation of Kvatch mod greatly enhances the visual impact of the daedric assault on Kvatch by adding dead civilians, along with more guards and daedra.  This is a simplified version of the “Scattered Weapons” variant, affecting only Kvatch and the Cheydinhal gate featured in “The Wayward Knight”.  Random Oblivion gates are not affected, as I didn't want to be tripping over corpses everywhere I went.

All guards' weapons are now either silver or fine steel, in line with those of other cities.  They wear steel greaves and boots, with chainmail gauntlets.  Many weapons have been repositioned to look more natural, and a few bodies have been moved slightly.  Dropped shields have been added for many guards, along with dremora caitiffs and kynreeves.

The number of dead guards has been greatly reduced.  There were over 40 in the original mod, but even Kvatch Rebuilt features only 27 generic guards.  One of the dead guards in Count Goldwine's quarters has been replaced with a second dremora, and the Count has been given a silver shortsword – I liked the idea of the old boy and his bodyguard selling their lives dearly.  The bodyguard and a jailor are now identified as such.

Daedric casualties have been reduced somewhat.  All dead dremora have been replaced with my own versions, mainly churls and caitiffs with a scattering of higher ranks.  As with the guards, a number of weapons have been repositioned.  Many of the burnt bodies have been deleted.  Some minor changes have been made to the dead citizens' inventories, and they are no longer tagged as quest items.

The fallen Knights of the Thorn have been reduced to the correct number of five. One of these is now an orc, as they're very common in Cheydinhal.  The bodies have been placed to match Bremman's account of three being killed soon after entering the gate, with two more dying in a second attack.  Dropped shields have again been added.  Since a number of the original bodies have been moved or replaced, I've also deleted the blood decals.

Some minor changes have been made to the daedra corpses, making lower-level creatures more common. All dremora (in both Kvatch and the Cheydinhal Oblivion realm) can now be harvested for daedra hearts.

The two heads on pikes that appear near the Gottshaw Inn have been deleted.  I find it hard to believe that the Imperial Legion would tolerate their presence by the roadside.

None, although the changes to the Kvatch guards are designed to make it compatible with my NPC Overhaul (available at www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/47607).  Set this mod to load after it.  If you don't want to use NPC Overhaul, I've added a stand-alone .esp file which leaves the Kvatch guards' armour unchanged.

Thanks to Guinefort1 for the original mod, and for allowing me to bring out my own version.

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