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Well as the name suggests i felt ayleids where lame,now they are not.

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Hello there fellow Ayleid loving N'wahs!

Oblivion has an amazing and luscious open world to explore, however the Ayleid Culture in Cyrodiil is underdeveloped in my opinion.
With some exploration into the ruins, and/or some research into Cyrodiil’s past you may be enthralled by the Ayleid culture. I had implemented into the game the ability to obtain some Ayleid Artifacts and powerful potions. Now some others have created Ayleid resources, but I am the first to attempt this style of overhaul to Cyrodiil’s Ayleid ruins.

Installation & Uninstalling:
First and foremost get oblivion’s two main expansions Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine!
After the DLCs you must install the Better Dungeons mod.  
Then install the main file (of my mod that is)

Now install only the newest update (at this point v 0.75)

Simply remove the .esp from your Oblivion Data folder but do not touch the other files I provided as they are used by every second mod or so...


I have done the testing I possibly can, (I also got the YouTube Channel Mythic Dwellers to do some testing and the artwork for the nexus) and everything is seemingly stable, however I am a fairly new mod developer and somethings will always slip through the cracks, so please report any problems you come across so i can fix them.

Please also comment your opinions on the balancing of the weapons and items, as somethings may need changing to better fit into the oblivion combat system.

I will continue to upload updates and new screenshots as i develop the mod. For now, please help me create the overhaul the Ayleids need!

Current News:
Got some ruins redone as of version 0.76 you can find some dead guy and blood in Umbra's place,also try finding the unmarked cave...the 3rd hall has ayleid ruins,defeat the boss provided by better dungeons and see what an ayleid wedding would have looked like...