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Remember that stubborn fool who just sits in a cage (the guy who tells you to take the key to the sigil keep)? Now you can rescue him.

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This mod uses voice clips handpicked from the base game assembled into a scripted additional stage to the Breaking the Siege of Kvatch quest.
When you go into the tower where Menien Goneld is trapped, you now have the option to rescue him, whereupon he will scavenge some gear from one of his fallen comrades and join you in closing the Oblivion Gate.

He is stubborn and will not want to go at first, but you can convince him to help you fight your way out.
Or if you choose to leave him to his fate, everything will continue as it would in the vanilla game.

Once the Kvatch quests are over, he will chill in the Kvatch Castle with the other surviving guards.
If used with the Skyrim Style Vanilla Followers mod, he will then be available as a follower.

Kvatch Rebuilt users:
Rescue Menien.esp must be below Kvatch Rebuilt.esp in the load order.


REQUIRES OBSE for a few script commands.

Just drop the contents of the downloaded .zip into your Oblivion folder:
(Program Files/Bethesda Softworks/Oblivion) or something similar.
The Data folder should be overwritten.

-Menien is sometimes known to appear outside of his cage the first time you enter the tower he's in. No idea why.

Any clues will be helpful!