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Fully voiced using hand-picked lines from the vanilla game for every race. Makes many of the vanilla NPC's into potential followers who can become your companion after doing a quest for them or reaching a certain rank in their guild. Based on the talkie toaster framework but expanded and voiced.

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Much in the style of Skyrim's followers, this mod will allow you to recruit certain NPC's from the vanilla game as followers after you've done a quest for them or joined their guild. For example, After the quest, The Killing Field, where you help the Odiil brothers, you can ask Rallus or Valus Odiil to follow you. Or after Zero Visibility, the people of Aleswell will be available as companions, etc. Also, Fighters Guild and Blades members will also be available as followers (Mages guild coming soon).


The mod is based on Talkie Toaster's follower framework, heavily modified by myself with many redundant features removed, some scripts cleaned up, fixed and/or added to. Dialogue trees reworked and all topics renamed, as well as some features below being altogether new.

~Followers skilled in restoration will automatically heal other followers in your party.
~Tweakable follower combat styles and reactions to combat around them (ignore fights, attack on sight, etc.).
~Followers will not follow you into the arena when a match is going on for balance and fairness.

~Followers will automatically repair whatever weapons and armor they have equipped,
and will also heal over time so you don't have to babysit them.
~They will enter sneak mode when you do, but will automatically stand up when entering combat.
~Follower NPCs will be marked with the 'quest item' tag when they join you, which means they will be significantly less likely to encounter the famous 'reset' glitches when closing Oblivion gates. After dismissing them, the tag will be removed to reduce impact on the game.

~Only characters with a backstory or members of your guild will be available as followers, inspired by the follower system of Skyrim.

~And of course, followers of all race are fully voiced with lines hand-picked from the base game to fit all dialogue choices.

Requires OBSE. v0021 is tested and works.
Simply drag and drop the contents of the downloaded folder into your Oblivion game folder.

(Program Files/Bethesda Softworks/Oblivion) or something similar.
You should be prompted to overwrite DATA.

Provide SPECIFICS please:
which NPC exactly, which dialogue option, possible cause, etc.
And make sure a reset doesn't fix the problem first (just dismiss and recruit again).

~Shivering Isles DLC integration.
~Prevent companions from following you into Mankar Cameron's paradise (arena-follow prevention already done)
~Add mercenaries for hire in taverns to act as followers (having trouble finding ideal voice lines for this)
~Add optional or tweakable follower limit count for game balance
~Add dog or wolf companions based on a similar framework (buyable from the dog lady in Chorrol?)


Video courtesy of Aerysthemaddovahking

Full List of Followers Available:

Quests (positive outcome matters)
Rallus Odiil, Antus Odiil - The Killing Field
Jhared Strongblade, Farwill Indarys, Bremman Senyan - The Wayward Knight
Carrius Runellius, Erline Lirrian - A Brotherhood Betrayed
Guilbert Jemane, Reynald Jemane - Sins of the Father
Sakeepa, Diram Sirethi, Shagol gro Bumph - Zero Visibilty
Jiv Hiriel - A Shadow over Hackdirt
Gogan, Maelona - The Siren's Deception
S'razirr - Nothing You Can Posess (If you spare and pay him after the quest)
Berich Inian, Tierra, Jesan Rilian, Illend Vonius, Menien Goneld, Merandil - Breaking the Siege of Kvatch
Mazoga - Mazoga the Orc
Henantier - Through a Nightmare Darkly
J'skar - A Plot Revealed
Deetsan - Cheydinhal Recommendation
Rolian Hanus, Arielle Jurard - Anvil Recommendation
Varulae - The Ghost Ship of Anvil
Rienna, Elidor, Brag gro-Bharg - The Desolate Mine
S'drassa - Garridan's Tears

Blades (any rank)
Note: some of the blades will tell you they're busy and won't offer normal dialogue, thus aren't recruitable. Talk to other Blades or try after the main quest line is finished.
Pelagius, Fortis, Arcturus, Achille, Ferrum, Baragon, Cyrus, Belisarius, Roliand, Brother Piner, Jena, Caroline

Fighters Guild (protector rank or higher)
Rhano, Brodras, Skasha, Antus Flonius, Sherina, Vincent Galien, Tadrose Helas, Nahsi, Right Wind, Parwen, Huurwen, AhMalz, Rufrius Vinicius, Fadus Calidus, Llensi Llaram, Keld of the Isles, Sten the Ugly, Kurz gro Baroth, Vigdis, Bumph gra Gash

Magess Guild (apprentice rank or higher)
Contumelus Florius, Alberic Litte, Carmen Litte, Athragar, Angalmo, Felen Relas, Marc Guilette, Thaurron, Vigge the Cautious, Druja, Sulinus Vassinus, Erthor, Selena Orania, Volanaro, Uurwen, Eilonwy, Trayvond the Redguard, Orintur, Delphine Jend, Ita Reinus, Ardaline, Aryarie, Carandial, Avels Uvenim, S'drassa, Vigge the Cautious.

Daedric Shrines
Bur Meena, Ralsa Nethan, Mels Maryon - Azura
Haekwon, Pajeen, Tolvasa Sendas - Boethia
Anedhel, Gul gro Burbog, Maraska - Clavicus Vile
Bruscius Longus, Norasa Adus, Rijir - Hermaeus Mora
Boroneth, Hunting Tail, Vajhira - Hircine
Ghorub gro Ugdub, Muggra Murgak, Shobob gro Rugdush - Malacath
Ciindil, Dredena Hlavel, Rona - Mephala
Basil Ernarde, Demetrius, Javolia Maborel - Meridia
Amir, Yushi, Olyn Seran - Molag Bal
Blanche Mastien, Degil, Hjolfrodi The Harrier - Namira
Dhola, Francine Velain, Mor gra Gamorn - Nocturnal
Er Teeus, Ilvel Romayn, Mirie, Kewan, Maren the Seal - Peryite
Ashni, Faurinthil, Engorm - Sanguine
Angalsama, Beewos, Ferul Ravel, Ortis, Gregory Arne - Sheogorath
Aviera Nirol, Aymar Douar, Tenville - Vaermina

Misc Followers (If disposition is high enough)
Baurion, Shlera Sestius, Bazur gro Gharz, Torbal the Sufficient

(will be added soon)