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No more horses walking at a snail's speed!

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Tweaked the horse forward.kf in Blender and Nifskope where I sped up the frames a little bit among other things. I'm sure many other players have teared off their hair by how slowly horses moved forward in the vanilla game unless you actually were running. I just want to enjoy a little more pace and be able to reach my destination as soon as possibly without having to stress the horse.
Comes in vanilla version and a version made for LogicDragon's Enhanced Mounted Combat

Big thanks to the author of Riding Animations Skeleton for making me able to do this!

Hope you guys out there will enjoy this tweak~

What's new in 2.0:
I finally figured out how to handle the text keys in NifSkope, which I had no idea existed, or that I had to adjust. So hopefully the animation won't glitch anymore. The hoof sounds are now also realistically timed, and I got rid of the rein noises.
Special thanks to my best friend MerisusaSama for being willing to do several proof tests as I was trying to fix the animation!