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Companion Share and Recruit, v3.27- Requires OBSE v18+ Access the inventory of, or recruit to your party, any NPC in Cyrodil and beyond. Order them to loot for you, open locks, repair and heal you and each other, and much more.

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Companion Share and Recruit, v3.27- Requires OBSE v15+
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Recruit any NPC in the land to follow you, give them orders and access their inventories. Alternatively, make friends and influence people by giving gifts, then borrow things from them.

The remake is designed to make fielding a varied and balanced adventuring party, like the traditional D&D group, more rewarding- each NPC type has a role to play, and can use their skills to aid you. You can give context orders by holding the order key (which you choose) and tapping left-click, and the NPCs following you will do their best to fulfil them. What they do depends on what you're looking at.
If it's... (for videos, click on the descriptions below)
-Locked- A party member with security as a major will unlock it.
-A container- A party member will loot it.
-A non-hostile NPC (whilst sneaking)- A party member with Sneak as a major will pickpocket them.
-A hostile NPC- A party member will switch combat target to them.
-A party member (in combat)- A party member under orders to heal in combat,will heal them.
-A party member (out of combat)- Party members with Armourer and Restoration will heal and repair the NPC to tip top condition.

Support Mode automates these tasks, with Companions looting corpses and healing each other without your intervention.

You can also order NPCs to brew potions, harvest plants, form squads, bodyguard other NPCs, meet you at pubs around Cyrodil, ride horses, teach them new spells, or even define meeting places yourself and get them to meet you there.

The mod is built for compatibility and flexibility, and will work alongside any and all companion mods, overhaul mods and so on, as well as allowing custom companions to be created with the minimum of effort.

In addition, there's a an optional add-on available:


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