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This is a rewrite of WiS's Bounty Quests mod. It adds a bulletin board like quest system to tamriel, offering 20 quests to each of the cities for you to complete.

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Bounty Quests
Authors: WalkerInShadows & GamerRick
Version: 3.0
Version Date: 30 November 2023

* Shivering Isles
* (No longer required as of V2.5!!)  A working brain

==Update Version 3.0 11/30/2023 
One New Feature: You can now tell the mod to ignore quests you don't want to do (versus the current way of having to get them and decline them).  You can set the quest's tier to 0 (zero) in the ini file.

New Message board and Bounties note texture thanks to Dispensation.  See the bottom of the credits for where he got them.

Bug fixes and some polishing: This fixes the bugs and typos that were discussed on the mod's Bugs tab.  The OOO patch also has some fixes and minor enhancements specific to OOO users.  Big thanks to Dispensation for finding and fixing several bugs!

Updating to current version:You can install this over the previous version at any time.  You don't have to start over or even complete any currently open quests. 

There are no changes to the ini files for this mod (except to the comments for the new feature).  All quests remain as they were before (1-3).  It us up to you to change the ini file yourself to change the tier of any quests.You may want to backup the ini files, if you made any changes to the default settings.

==Update Version 2.5 7/4/2022=====
A BIG THANKS to Dispensation for finding and fixing many things in this mod. 
You can upgrade to the new version at any time.  You need to install all of the files included, as all were updated for the various fixes.

NOTE: This mod is a complete rewrite and does not require installation of the original mod.  If you are already using the original mod, you will need to uninstall it before installing this one.  You will lose all progress you
made in the original mod and have to start it all over again.

Original Mod: Bounty Quests

This mod was originally designed by WalkerInShadows.  He created all of the quests.  I relocated a few that were put into quest locations that never respawn (Forsaken Mine and Swampy Cave).  I (GamerRick) rewrote how the quests are managed and added an ini file to allow the player to tweek things based on their preferences and what overhauls or other mods they may be running.  I also added a unique quest icon.

In the lower-class inns in each city (except the Imperial City – see below), you'll find a bounty board with a notice on it. Activate it, and you'll receive a random bounty:

  •  Kill a bad NPC (Bandit, Marauder, Vampire, criminal)
  •  Exterminate specific beast(s) or Clear an entire ruin
  •  Retrieve item(s)
The inns (and their publicans) are: 
  •  Anvil: The Flowing Bowl (Maenlorn)
  •  Bravil: The Lonely Suitor Lodge (Bogrum Gro-Galash)
  •  Bruma: Olav's Tap and Tack (Olav)
  •  Cheydinhal: Newlands Lodge (Dervera Romalen)
  •  Chorrol: The Grey Mare (Emfrid)
  •  Imperial City Elven Gardins district: Luther Broad's Boarding House (Luther Broad)
  •  Leyawiin: Five Claws Lodge (Witseidutsei)
  •  Skingrad: Two Sisters Lodge (Mog gra-Mogakh)

All if the publicans are made essential by a script when the mod is activated, since they are the only ones that you can talk to about the quests.  All NPCs, creatures, and items have specific names, so you'll know you got the right one when you find them.
---ini file options----
Two ini files are provided with this mod.  One is for vanilla and the other is for OOO.  The vanilla one is read if the 'Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esm' file is NOT loaded. Otherwise, it reads the OOO one.  They allow you to:

1. set options on or off for the mod 
a: Quest Markers on/off
b: Option to allow the player to decline quests you don't want to do
c: Option to just keep the item(s) for retrieval quests
2. set the max number of quests available each week in each city.
3. set the player level and reward amount for the 4 available tiers

All items are set as quest items.  If you allow the option to pretend to fail the quest so you can keep the item, the quest flag is turned off and you get a point added to your infamy.  If you complete a quest successfully you get a point added to your fame.  You get nothing if you decline a quest, and will never get the chance to do it in the future.

You will need to open and read the ini file to see how it works and what you can set.  You can modify the one that will be read based on whether you are using OOO or not.  By default, the OOO one only differs in the tiers it assigns to each quest, since OOO will likely determine the difficulty of the quest based on its location.  The location, ruin inhabitants, and level of the target NPC or creatures is shown in the ini file.

Most of the bounties can be found in dungeons or camps around the city; some (mostly the  bounties) are placed in the wilderness, and a few are placed further afield (this was partly due to a limited number of locations, partly to use some dungeons that weren't already covered, and partly just because I felt like it). Except for special cases (noted in the journal entry).

The quests are managed separately for each city.  You can only have one quest at a time active per city.  Right now, each city has 20 quests.  The standard distribution is 10 kill, 6 exterminate, and 4 recovery, but I had to change things up in a few cities because the local dungeons are more heavily weighted toward NPCs or creatures, so it was difficult to get the standard mix. 

When you activate the message board in one of the ins, it will select the quests that have not been completed yet and that have a tier level that matches the players current level.  You will see a message if you already did the quota for the week, no quests are available for your current level, or you have already done all the quests for that city.  Otherwise you will get a quest pop-up for that quest.  If you set the ini setting to allow declines, before you actually do the quest, you have the option to decline it by talking to the inn keeper and choosing the dialog to decline it.  That quest will be marked as completed and never offered again.  

All the meshes have been optimized, and the esp has been cleaned with TES4Edit.  GamerRick has also run all textures through Optimizer Textures to ensure they are optimized, resized if too large, and have mipmaps.

==Installation for NON-OOO Users==========
You must install:
  • Data\Bounty Quests.esp
  • Data\Bounty Quests.bsa
  •  Data\ini\Bounty Quests Vanilla.ini
You will get a pop-up message when starting up the game if it cannot file the ini file.  It defaults all quests to tier 1.  It doesn't matter if you install the OOO ini file, because it only looks for the vanilla one if the OOO ESM file is not loaded.
The load order is likely not important as this mod creates its own NPCs, Creatures, and items and adds them to various locations in Tamrield or the interior of existing ruins.  It does not alter any level lists or change what else is at those locations.

==Installation for OOO Users==========
GamerRick has included his OOO patch and his ini settings for OOO.  The ESP makes sure that NPCs and Creatures belong to OOO added factions, so they get along with the other bandits (like Amazons in Dxonot Cave), and it gives them level limits and spell buffs that OOO uses for similar NPCs and creatures.

Load Order:

Bounty Quests.esp
Bounty Quests OOO Patch.esp

You must install:
  • Data\Bounty Quests.esp
  • Data\Bounty Quests OOO Patch.esp
  • Data\Bounty Quests.bsa
  •  Data\ini\Bounty Quests OOO.ini

You will get a pop-up message when starting up the game if it cannot file the ini file.  It does not look for the vanilla one as a backup.  So installing the vanilla one won't hurt anything, but it is ignored.

I've checked everything against Better Dungeons and Snu's, to make sure anything placed in dungeons is okay. There might be conflicts with other mods that alter individual dungeons. There are a few outdoor spawns, but as far as I know, it doesn't conflict with the UL mods. 

v2.0 (Release)
* Complete rewrite by GamerRick of the quest mechanics and addition of an ini file.

All the resources (except for the blue glass armor) are modder's resources and free to use - see the individual descriptions for more details. The contents of this mod are also free to modify and use, as long as you give me credit.

I (GamerRick) owe thanks to WalkerInShadows for creating this mod and allowing me to rewrite it!!

I (WalkerInShadows) owe thanks to all the people named below for their resources, along with:
* Snazzy CM for helping find the bugs in my script (again).
* FantasyNameGenerators.com - an awesome site, and the source of all my NPC names.
==Resources Used==
* ALAnonim's Resource Goblin Black by ALAnonim
* Ayleid Katana by InsanitySorrow
* Ayleid Potion by Brutal7
* Blue Glass Armor by gep (used with permission)
* Dan's Mystic Imp by Takark
* Diverse Will-o'-Wisps by Vacuity
* Frost Troll Retexture by trollberserker
* GP Desert Wind by Petrovich
* Great White Shark by Ladida
* Lady Nerevar's Paper Goods by Lady N
* Loreless Creaure Pack  by Phitt
* Meo's Ayleid Clutter by Meo
* Nordic Armory Improved by Medtech  
* Piranha and Puppy Resource by Elbethien
* RealSwords Goblin by waalx
* Sinblood Necrostaff by Sinblood
* Skyrim for Oblivion Project by Various: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/26339/
* Spider Creature by Malo and elveon
* Strotis Buyable Daedric Statues by stroti
* Troll's Various Animal and Monster Retextures by Troll Berserker 
* White Welkynd Stones by KittenRain
* Xiamara's Teddy Bears by Xiamara
* Bounty board mesh taken and modified from Random Resources by Laulajatar  (Laula's Random Resources - KeyBoard file).
* Wanted poster mesh and textures taken from Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul by Maskar (used with direct permission from Maskar): 
* Wanted poster mesh optimised in Pyffi by Aklamahaknyaen.