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Short quests in each city to hunt down NPCs, kill creatures, or recover items for a reward.

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* Shivering Isles
* A working brain

In the lower-class inns in each city (except the Imperial City – see below), you'll find a bounty board with a notice on it. Activate it, and you'll receive a random bounty – either Kill, Exterminate, or Recovery. The inns are: The Flowing Bowl in Anvil; The Lonely Suitor Lodge in Bravil; Olav's Tap and Tack in Bruma; Newlands Lodge in Cheydinhal; The Grey Mare in Chorrol; Luther Broad's Boarding House in the IC Elven Gardens District; Five Claws Lodge in Leyawiin; Two Sisters Lodge in Skingrad.

Kill bounties are "go find the NPC and kill him/her". Exterminate bounties involve finding and killing a creature, or clearing a creature lair. Recovery bounties require you to find and recover an item (or items). All NPCs, creatures, and items have specific names, so you'll know you got the right one when you find them (you'll also get a journal entry, so there's that too). 

Most of the bounties can be found in dungeons or camps around the city; some (mostly the  bounties) are placed in the wilderness, and a few are placed further afield (this was partly due to a limited number of locations, partly to use some dungeons that weren't already covered, and partly just because I felt like it). Except for special cases (noted in the journal entry), there are no quest markers! The journal entries will point you in the general direction and you'll get a map marker, but beyond that, you're on your own (if you can't find something, check the spoiler list at the end of this document). Likewise, the items are not marked as quest items – you can sell them, keep them, or even lose them if you're not careful. If you don't have the item when you report back to the innkeeper, you'll get the option to say you've failed the quest, in which case it will be marked complete, but you won't get paid for it.

Bounties are chosen randomly from a list of 20 for each city, but you'll only be able to get 15 before that city's quest is "complete" (this is to ensure a random set of quests each time you play this mod). New bounties appear on the board every Sundas, but you won't be able to take a new one if you still have an active bounty (this is per city; you can have one active bounty for each city at any given time).  If you don't want a particular bounty for whatever reason, talk to the innkeeper and you can decline it. It'll go back into the pool and may pop up again. You will not, however, be able to choose a new bounty in that city until the next week (see below) – this mod is intended to be played when you have nothing better to do or need a little quick cash, not blown through in a couple game days.

The standard distribution is 10 kill, 6 exterminate, and 4 recovery, but I had to change things up in a few cities because the local dungeons are more heavily weighted toward NPCs or creatures, so it was difficult to get the standard mix. 

All the meshes have been optimized, and the esp has been cleaned with TES4Edit.

Note: This mod has not been extensively tested, so there may be bugs. If you find one, let me know so I can fix it.

Technical Details

The bounties are broken down into four tiers based on their relative difficulty (you won't see this in game, but I've included it in the cheat sheet); NPCs and creatures are levelled, while items are based on their value and location; some are actually part of a set, which also increases their tier. I've made an effort to account for overhauls and dungeon-altering mods like Better Dungeons, so you won't find Tier 1 bounties in a place like Onyx Cavern or Garlas Agea. 

For those interested, the tiers go like this:

Tier PC/ Level
1: PC +1-4
2: PC +5-10
3: PC +11-17
4: PC +18-25

The reward for Kill and Exterminate quests is 100 gold per point of the level offset; e.g., a bandit of level PC +10 gives you 1000 gold. Recovery quests are 150 gold per tier. Creatures are a little different; I went with 50 gold per minimum level, + 100/level offset; each additional creature in a bounty adds 100 gold.

Tiers are not distributed evenly - each city has a different distribution, which means some cities are harder/more dangerous than others. The relative levels in order from easiest to hardest are: IC, Chorrol, Cheydinhal, Bravil, Leyawiin, Skingrad, Anvil, Bruma (Note: the last three are a lot tougher, relatively speaking). Recommended minimum level for starting the quests (vanilla is at the low end of the scale; overhauls like OOO, MOO, and FCOM lean toward the higher end):

Imperial City: 2-4
Chorrol: 3-5
Cheydinhal: 8-10
Bravil: 8-10
Leyawiin: 8-10
Skingrad: 9-12
Anvil: 10-14
Bruma: 12-16

I've checked everything against Better Dungeons and Snu's, to make sure anything placed in dungeons is okay. There might be conflicts with other mods that alter individual dungeons. There are a few outdoor spawns, but as far as I know, it doesn't conflict with the UL mods. If you find any, let me know and I'll fix them as soon as I can.

You can find an updated/revised version of the mod by GamerRick here.


v1.4 (8 Jul 2017)
* Fixed a few bugs with the Anvil item recovery quests.

v1.3 (4 Mar 2017)
* More bugfixes.

v1.2 (27 Feb 2017)
* Fixed a bug where you couldn't collect a reward.
* Fixed a few other minor bugs.

v1.1 (21 Jan 2017)
* Fixed a bug with the Bounty Topic not being added after you acquire a bounty.