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Arena Overhaul, fully customizeable !! Can change arena spectator size, open close arena hour, day delay grand champion arena fight, arena battle raiment restriction, lootable combatant equipment, and many more!

Permissions and credits
Greed Arena
~create your own personalized arena~

- customize-able arena spectator size, for player's arena fight the spectator size will follow based on your ranks
- customize-able day delay grand champion arena fight
- customize-able arena battle raiment restriction
- customize-able open close arena hour
- lootable equipment for arena combatant can be configured in INI file, and many other settings
- you may skip arena announcement if you get tired of it or you could use this mod for debugging / testing purposes

- Porkchop, Yellow Arena Champion, Gray Prince restored after arena fight. It is confirmed that this mod compatible with Oblivion Uncut mod from elderscrolliangamer, tested by user marob307 in here.
- infinite gold bet gambling, you can enter your own custom gold amount for arena gambling by talking to Hundolin and choose 'I want to negotiate custom bet' topic
- crystal clear view !! Now you can watch arena gambling with better view overall ! By default this feature is ON

- Hundolin will follow player to arena gambling, this is for faster repeatable gamble arena procedure
- you can configure combatant health in arena gambling for shorter fight or even longer fight !

- Ysabel diverse monster choices for grand champion arena fight
- stronger Adoring Fan so he can be used for better companion
- voice resource for Hundolin : set custom bet gold, yellow & blue team custom bet, winning bet yellow & blue team custom bet, yellow & blue team all in bet, winning bet yellow & blue team all in bet. Voice resource for Ysabel : Grand Arena player fight

- pathgrid bug fix for arena
- arena champion raiment durability bug fix
- UOP Arena script bug fix included
- yellow team combatant in arena gambling wrong position bug fix

- this mod is considered lightweight except when arena spectator is a bit crowded, you can lower its setting in INI file
- it will conflict with any mods that modify Quest Arena dialog, or some mods that modify NPCs in IC Arena
- load order is IMPORTANT, for safe measure you should place this mod in most bottom of your load order
- NPCs in this mod page screenshoot is NOT included that's just on my setup ! So rest asure ye'all Lore lovers ;)
- below is recommended mods to go play with Greed Arena
Arena HD Redone by DarkShenron
Arena District Alive by Dreadcore

This mod is already included in my masterpiece -> AoG - Overhaul plus Detect Item

You will NOT find this mod elsewhere, if you found this mod in other sites THAT file is unauthorized & PLEASE tell me ASAP
This is just my little contribution for Nexus & the community hope you like it. Oblivion is my first best custom personal game

Thanks to Master Forli my modding skill is improved
Thank you Bethesda! Thx Nexus! Thanks creative modders all of you give many great inspirations!

Arena Alive by WilliamSea
Arena Lite by David Brasher
roblesstevena - Transparent texture & mesh for arena gambling

My other mod
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