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Makes ALL actors more 'real human like' have better eyesight & better precognitive

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..::  T h e   G r e e d   V i s i o n  ::..

~ now all actors will be more 'real human like' ~
they have better eyesight & better precognitive

Calculation based on weather, light amount, distance and player current invisible chameleon. been tested carefully by myself. All ghosts will have Detect life applied, and all Khajiits will use Night eye ability, all vampires will have Night Eye and Detect Life ability. Actors that have Detect life or Night eye ability is more dangerous than before because they can bypass light or line of sight. Definitely G-Vision will increase your performance Greatly !! Vanilla Oblivion HEAVY detection algorithm that tend to bog down your CPU now is reduced by FIVE FOLDS !! (with this feature you got huge boost in performance) This mod will add detect life to wraith, wisp, ghost, lich, all NPC in ICPalace faction, all NPCs that have Illusion skill 75 or more, NPC Class that have major skill Illusion, all NPC class & name contain 'mage', all NPC name contain 'wizard'. So chameleon exploit NO MORE! This will make Ultimate Heist Quest and many other Thieves guild quests  become more thrilling than ever before!!

- this mod is super lightweight and will improve your performance and gameplay. This could be alternative for SDR mod and Sneak Penalties mod
- it will not conflict with anything (I hope)
- trespassing now is more harder only when you meet NPCs with detect life ability
- if you have mod that cancel combat or hide combat or combat timeout something like that you can turn it off, Greed Vision already have such feature to prevent endless battle bug in vanilla Oblivion
- G-Vision will repair dead NPC, unconscious NPC, restrained NPC, paralyzed NPC that have bug detection. Why they can report player's crime in crippled state? It doesn't make sense at all... Now this bug has been fixed :)
- load order is NOT important
- this ESP is masterless so I think it is also possible works for Nehrim

This mod is already included in my masterpiece -> AoG - Overhaul plus Detect Item

You will NOT find this mod elsewhere, if you found this mod in other sites THAT file is unauthorized & PLEASE tell me ASAP
This is just my little contribution for Nexus & the community hope you like it. Oblivion is my first best custom personal game

Thanks to Master Forli my modding skill is improved
Thank you Bethesda! Thx Nexus! Thanks creative modders all of you give many great inspirations!

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