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Some faction icons made based on textures from the Knights DLC, and the different deities' emblems in ESO. Hopefully you can put them to good use.

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Nine Divines Faction Icons

I'm a sucker for Oblivion's faction icons, and I figured I could expand on them a bit. The Knights of the Nine DLC introduced new icons for the (kinda unused) Nine Divines faction, and for its own knightly order. I figured that I could use their background for styling some god-specific faction icons, which could be interesting for modding projects.
So I grabbed the Knight-Errant icon, gave it a bit of elbow grease in GIMP, and meanwhile I circle-cropped the emblem icons from ESO found at UESP to stamp them in my new creation. Some saturation and lighting tweaking, and they looked good enough! Since Talos hadn't ascended by the time of ESO, I made him an emblem using the cathedral window one.

In the package you'll find the new icons at Textures/Menus/stats/temples_faction_icons. I've also included a showcase plugin with lore-friendly faction names and ranks, but note it's showcase. To see them in game you'll have to SetFactionRank yourself with the console, and even then they do nothing! But they can give you ideas for modding, or you could tackle them to the factions from Losing My Religion.

So, consider this as a minor modder's resource, and feel welcome!