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This mod adds street vendors to the Imperial City, Skingrad, Chorrol, Bravil and Anvil.

Permissions and credits
Street Vendors of Cyrodiil

This mod adds street vendors to the Skingrad, Chorrol, Bravil, Anvil, Imperial City - Market District & Arena District. (Watch the video)


COBL - You only need the cobl.esm and the texture and meshes folders.
Alternative Download site : http://www.theassimilationlab.com/forums/files/file/951-cobl/


Story behind the mod:

This mod came about because after having used Better Cities for a while, and then removing it again due to various reasons, I felt that something was missing in the cities to make them more lively. I added more NPCs but still felt something was missing. Then I came across the mod "RedBag - Imperial City Pack by RedBag" which had a very interesting take on the Market District. A more rugged and poor version. I liked it but the whole mod did much more than just change the Market District so I had to drop it. Following this I came across some really awesome resource mods (see credits) which let me to this mod.
I've always wanted there to be places you could go for a quick meal, but in Cyrodiil you only have the option of going to the inn/tavern and buy the individual food items that make up a meal. Therefore I decided to have more outdoor food vendors so you could readily grab a prepared meal before going off on adventure.
In order to accomplish this I had to use food resources from other modders and that is why this mod requires both COBL and Strotis new food by stroti
As of version 1.9 Strotis new food is no longer required but the older version still require it. (https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/41324)

Special features:
- Many new unique delicious dishes, bread, cakes and drinks for sale in the various cities.
- Useful maps can be bought at Anvil harbour.
- Curious potions and poisons can be acquired from the mage potion master in Bravil.
- Hidden treasures in Bravil to be found by acrobats.
- New weapon and armor:
The hunter in the Arena District sells special arrows.
The smith in Skingrad sells high class weapons and armor including a daedric shield with a special scripted magical ability.
- Musicians with working animations and various audience showing up for each session. Check their schedules or you will likely rarely see them.

Updated musicians schedule:
The Oak and Crosier (Chorrol):
Monday to Friday: 19 PM to 22 PM.
The Tiber Septim Hotel (IC):
Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 14 PM to 18 PM.
West Weald Inn (Skingrad):
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday: 19 PM to 22 PM.

This mod is compatible with:

Region Revive - Lake Rumare.

Momos Harbor Expanded
Crowded Cities Redone

This mod is not compatible with Better Cities (there is no space left to place street vendors in Better Cities).

Known bugs:
- If you use the Wait function in Bravil while being outside, the pigs for some reason find their way out of the enclosure.
Solution: Only use Wait while indoors while in Bravil. If the pigs escape you can also just wait 3 days for the cell to reset.

If the video doesn't show enough you can go to my YouTube channel dedicated to Oblivion for more videos:

Version history:

Version 2.9 changes (2nd February 2024):

- Added new hidden small treasures to the ones already placed in Bravil one of which is in a hidden interior. Totalling 5 hidden treasures.
- Moved the tent in Chorrol for 1 NPC to a much more appropriate place.
- Improved the Bravil Mages' potions. They are cheap compared to the strong effects but he only has a few each time you visit him.
- The street vendors who slept in a tent now has better accommodations since I don't think a run-down tent fits into the aesthetics of Skingrad.
- The Skingrad smith near the Cathedral now sells more armors.
- Covered up ugly holes in a vanilla mesh in the Temple District.
- Musicians are a bit too rare so I've made the Chorrol musician play all weekdays now, Also note that due to funky AI that I cannot fix if
you're inside the room where the musicians are supposed to start playing
they won't show up until you wait for 1 hour outside the room.
- Many minor fixes.

Version 2.8 changes (10th February 2023):

- Added more clutter to Bravil to make it more lore accurate since it is supposed to be poor, rundown and dirty.
- Fixed a few minor issues.

Version 2.7 changes (23th September 2022):

- Added street vendors to Anvil. This was planned from the start of the mod and I consider this mod done now barring any minor fixes and such.
- New food and other new items such as useful maps can be bought from the street vendors in Anvil.
- Added musicians to 3 inns. With the use of new animations by kaizit it was finally possible to add various entertainers to the The Oak and
Crosier, The Tiber Septim Hotel and West Weald Inn. Note that they only play on certain days. There will be changing audiences who show up for
the music in West Weald Inn.
- Added a cargo boat and a fisherman's boat to the harbour of Bravil. Also added a small row boat which will take you to and from the
mysterious island in the middle of Niben Bay.
- Added some crates and other clutter to the entrance areas in the Imperial City to better show that the capital is a busy city.
- The new enchanted version of the Daedric Lord Tower Shield sold from the smith vendor in Skingrad has a special scripted effect when equipped.
- A whole slew of minor changes and fixes.
- Created a new video to reflect the new changes.

Musicians schedule:
The Oak and Crosier (Chorrol):
Saturday & Sunday: 19 PM to 22 PM.
The Tiber Septim Hotel (IC):
Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 14 PM to 18 PM.
West Weald Inn (Skingrad):
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday: 19 PM to 22 PM.
- Note that due to funky AI code the musicians and audience in the West Weald Inn some times do very odd stuff such as not appearing, playing music when they shouldn't, refuse to go home after the music ends and other weird stuff. However I've found during testing that they play nice if you wait until 8 PM outside of the inn and then enter.

Version 2.6 changes (9th October 2021):

- Made the mod compatible with Imperial City Canal Overhaul through an new esp. Only install 1 esp! Load order: If my mod is loaded
last it will cover up 2 minor landscape issues in the Market District introduced by Imperial City Canal Overhaul, so I recommend that.
- While making that esp I found a better way to cover up the landscape issues in the canals so I changed it so there is now water where before I
had placed small wall sections. This new method looks better. This is for the default esp which is not compatible with Imperial City Canal
Overhaul. It uses the "water" bash tag now.
- Fixed a landscape issue in Arena District I had made in version 2.5 - Oops.
- Fixed minor landscape issues in Temple and Arboretum District. I think I got 'em all in the IC now.
- A few things were resized (so you probably want to be outside of the IC when updating the mod. Will fix it self on cell reset).

Version 2.5 changes (20th August 2021):

- Important bug fix: I had accidentally moved 2 signs slightly in the IC Market District in version 2.4. Reverted.
- Fixed 2 landscape issues in Chorrol.
- Few other minor things.

Version 2.4 changes (17th July 2021):

- New arcane shop next to the Bravil Mages Guild with an assortment of supplies for mages. The new Bravil Mages guild member Revoresa Uvallyn
   specializes in alchemy with a focus on poisons and sells 3 new unique toxicant. These new poisons can be bought at a bargain compared to their relative
   strength, though Revoresa only produces them in small batches.
- Added a pillory in Bravil behind the The Archer's Paradox.
- Added a few more tables and chairs to the Market District and the Elven District.
- Strategically placed a bush in the Market District so you more realistically can eavesdrop on a certain conversation during the quest
   Unfriendly Competition. (I consider this almost a bug fix.)
- Covered up an annoying flickering texture in the Elven District.
- Fixed 2 large landscape issues in the Elven District.
- Other minor changes.
- 3 new screenshots uploaded.

Version 2.3 changes (13th March 2021):

- Renamed a texture to avoid Wrye Bash bug.
- Packaged the files into a BSA by request.
- Found and fixed 1 more landscape issue.
- Made the pigsty in Bravil look proper muddy.
- Tweaked a few things so I recommend not being in a cell affected by this mod when updating. Maybe wait 3 days before returning.

Version 2.2 changes (20th February 2021):

- My other mod Market District Landscape Fix has been merged into this mod and updated, since this mod already
affects the areas where the landscape fixes are required. You can save a slot and remove that mod if you already use it.
- The Daedric Lord Tower Shield sold by the smith in Skingrad was showing incorrect world model so I have provided a screenshot so you can better see what it looks like. It deserves more attention IMO.
- The same smith has through a close friend of his gotten his hands on a set of Divine Knights Weapons (modder: VagabondAngel) and an Ornate Silver Longsword (modder: TylerJayton2) and is selling these unique weapons out of his stall.
If you like them I suggest you visit the modders pages and Endorse. New screenshots uploaded.
https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/16365 & https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45236
There are more pictures on their pages. The Ornate Silver Longsword has a very good looking scabbard (no pics).
- Made the mod compatible with SingingStablehandInn (which is part of the mod Cyrodiil Inns).
- Many minor fixes and changes here and there. Too many to list.

Version 2.1 changes (15th November 2020):

- Fix for the pigs escaping the pen in Bravil: If it happens just wait 1 hour and the pigs will be inside the pen again.
- New crane in Bravil to handle loads from larger docking ships.
- Minor changes to the 2 vendors near the cathedral in Chorrol. For one thing; Ralalf Bjoalderssen now sells mulled ale. Yummy.
- New bun seller in the IC Arena District.
- The IC Elven Garden District had several minor aesthetics changes.

Version 2.0 changes (17th October 2020):

- A hunter is now selling his home-crafted bow and arrows in the Arena District but only 3
days a week. His specialty is a new unique arrow type.
- At the entrance to the Arena you will find a young woman selling fresh steaming
hot buns. Enjoy her cooking skills while watching today's gladiator
- Beautification of the Elven Garden District. Many changes.
- 2 new benches in the northeastern city garden in the Talos Plaza District.
- Minor improvement to the beautification in Chorrol behind the The Oak and Crosier inn.
- A new vendor near the cathedral in Chorrol is selling delicious meals.

Version 1.9 changes (20th August 2020):

- The mod no longer requires Strotis new food.
    After many requests and because I have days off work I finally managed to
remove Strotis new food from the mod. You will still get all the foods.
If you still use Strotis new food remember to load it before this mod.
- As far as COBL goes; As I understand it is no longer possible to get
permission to use those resources separate from COBL. This means I will
not be making the mod independent from COBL. Do notice though that if
you do not want the stuff COBL provides added to your game you can
simply download COBL
(http://www.theassimilationlab.com/forums/files/file/951-cobl/) and grab
the Meshes and Textures folders from 00 Cobl Core and grab Cobl
Main.esm from 01 StableCore and you have all you need.
- Fixed an old graphical bug in Chorrol. Near the cathedral there is a sharp
transition between grass and cobblestone which has annoyed me for years.
I've finally worked out how to edit the terrain. Look at the comparison
picture I've uploaded.
- Opened up a small section of a particular wall near the cathedral in Chorrol so you can walk from The Great Oak to
the cathedral without having to jump over a tall wall. See the picture.
- Beautified that same area in Chorrol and put up 2 low garden walls because NPCs and companions can now walk there.

Version 1.8 changes (2nd November 2019)

- Fixed a bug which made some food items not appear in the vendors inventory.
- Minor changes.

Version 1.7 changes (31st May 2019)

- The grill is no longer covered up by planks at night, instead the meat is simply removed. Much neater.
- The soups in the IC and some dishes in Skingrad were not showing up in the vendor's inventory. Now they do.
- Moved a few boxes to make the mod compatible with Bravil Festival.
- The Argonian vendor in Chorrol now sells some fur armor and can repair your broken equipment.

Version 1.6 changes (15th September 2018)

- Moved the orc vendor in Chorrol to make the mod compatible with Gold Horse Courier - Delivery Job.
- Added a unique Daedric Lord Tower Shield to the smith vendor in Skingrad, which is on display. Thanks to Kvelja for the resource. Kvelja created the shield to
complete the mod Daedric Lord Armor, since that armor set is missing a shield.

Version 1.5 changes (9th March 2018):

- Changed the stall of the fishmonger in IC to a better one.
- Added fish fillets to the IC fishmonger.
- Changed the bread types on the Baker's table (IC only).
- The pigs are now properly enclosed (since the door to their pen kept being open for some reason).
- More randomized goods for the vendors so they don't always have the same wares in the same amount.
- Other minor changes. 

Version 1.4 changes (1st Feb 2018):

- The vendors closes up earlier (around 6 or 7 PM) and the NPCs walk around more in the cities when not working.
- Added fire to the grill in Skingrad. 
- The beer seller in Chorrol now sells the produce from his on the side chicken keeping. Minor changes to other shops as well.
- All vendors now arrive early before the shops open to "set up" their shop instead of having the products from all vendors appear before the vendors has even arrived at the shop. 
- Bug fix: Assigned ownership to a few items that had none.

Version 1.3 changes (8th Jan 2018):

- Bugfix: Missing textures added for the fish nets. 
- Reduced the light source at the soup seller.
- Rearranged Meshes to lessen cluttered files.
- Carried over ingredient effects from my own tweaked version of Stroti's New Food to make the effects for all food items weaker.
- Minor changes to the bakers oven area.

Version 1.2 changes (7th Jan 2018):

- Thanks to modders making their creations available to others, I've been able create a busier looking Bravil harbor area. The south west of Bravil has seen minor changes as well. 4 new vendors added in total to Bravil.
I'm leaving older version up for posterity in case someone prefer the older and smaller scale versions. I'm considering doing Anvil in the future but not any time soon.
- Bug fix: Assigned ownership to a few items that had none.

Version 1.1 changes (18th Nov 2017):

- Made the vendors' goods disappear when they are no longer open for business. The vendor tables with lids will be covered and locked for the night.
The grill in Skingrad will be covered up (since the whole grill is one big static thing).

This is really what I wanted from the beginning but my scripting abilities are severely lacking. Thanks to RedBag for providing the script needed. Check out the 2 new images to show comparison between open and closed vendors.  

- Two new NPCs. A young female now helps in the Skingrad food vendor near the grill, which is now solely taking care of by the old vendor. A young male Khajiit is now perusing the street vendors in Chorrol. 
- All bugs reported has been fixed.

This mod was only possible to make with the resources made available by some really awesome people.

Soups, cauldrons, vegetables and dishes are from Meos Static Dishes by Meos.
The market stands are from Strotis static meshes Marketstand by Stroti.
All resources used from Mr_Siikas Market Resources by mr_siika. 
Vendor tables are from Vendors Tables Modders Resource by EbeneezerSquid.
Butcher's chopping block is from Strotis new clutter by stroti. 
Animated grill is from All you can grill is from Harvald
Blacksmith's static forge, anvil and bellow is from Strotis blacksmith tools by Stroti
RedBag for the script to enable and disable the vendors goods and for ideas.
The crane, fishes, fish nets, rope, hanging fish, hanging butchered pigs, clothes lines, hanging cauldron, troughs 
are all created by Momo.
The baker's oven is created by Stroti.
General store sign created by AndalayBay.
The pigs are from Mr Siikas farm animals.
The round breads are made by Nernie.
The fish fillets, log pile, blueberry pie and apple pie is made by Mhahn123.
The vendor table with round breads is made by EbeneezerSquid and further enhanced by Mhahn123.
Daedric Lord Tower Shield is made by Kvelja.
Tanning Rack by Stroti
Momos Ivy Resource by Momo
Dwemer Syringe Arrow by nick_op
Ornate Silver Longsword by TylerJayton2
Divine Knights Weapon Set by VagabondAngel
Pillory by Conifer
Crystals by MrNiCo
Argonian Skull by Wiruman
Meos Open Books - Resource by meo3000
Meos Static Dishes - Resource by meo3000
Strotis static food resource
Pancake resource by Tchos
Sun And Rain Shades by EbeneezerSquid
Strotis ram on stick food resource
Small Sailboat by stratusmonkey
Momos Crate Resource
Momos Cart Resource
The Great Atlas by hori873
New animations for day-to-day activities - Resources by kaizit/stesha
Sparkles with light by GBRPLuss
Static Breaktime Setting by rileymarks

Thank you all.

I have set the effects for food items to the weakest effects so that you won't feel that you're 
wasting potential "alchemical power" when eating food for roleplaying reasons. 
If you agree that food items shouldn't be the most powerful, but instead rarer ingredients should 
have the more powerful effects you might like my alchemy overhaul: