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Soo... I decided to take a labor of hercules for myself - make a compatibility patch for two awesome overhauls making them working together even better.

This is an alpha version of this patch. For now it require WAC - ItemLootFix4v1.0bOO for weapon balancing. Just load it BEFORE Oscuro.esp Eventually I want to make somewhat similar myself, but lets use what exist for now.

Would really appreciate feedback for patch and

Modules worked on for now
Wac - TSoC
Wac - Overspawn
Wac - TsoC shop
Wac - Horses
Wac - BlackBootDungeon
Wac - Dead Knights

What done now:
All Wac-TSoC changes npc to races and inventories are preserved
WAC items for OOO bandit(except snow one)
WAC items for OOO marauders
WAC items for OOO conjurers and necromancers
WAC hands for OOO vampires
WAC items for OOO guards
OOO stats for WAC bandits
OOO factions for many wac animals(wolfs, boars, deers, sheeps, sharks) and imps/gargoyles
OOO ai packages for wac animals with standart ai packages
Dogs have OOO dog meat and WAC brains as loot.
Spider faction(halfdone to stop fights with wolfs in caves, partly based on )
OOOfied wild WAC horses(different size for WAC horses)
Unique M'Aiq dagger from OOO is now unique WAC dagger(stats the same)
OOOfied goblin spawns
Goblin spawns was changed for maximum consistency, OOO changes partially rerouted
Vanilla goblins were purged from standart level lists
Enhanced skingrad guard changes - they now use templar sword(during equipment merging it often ended up on side)
Partially finished daedra lists
WAC hellhound was renamed into shadow mastiff and inserted into OOO hellhound list. Also was different size variation created.
new loot: shadow mastiff skin - similar to OOO hell hound skin, but first effect is different

What to do
Bring OOO factions interaction into wac - bases are already exist there with Waalx making a lot of new factions for new creatures
Trolls, and few other types of monsters
For future: Consistent level lists
For future: OOOfy wac weapon stats
Would like: Edit helmets and weapons for other towns(Waalx only edited inventories of Bruma guards, Skingrad guards and Imperial legion). Open for ideas for now which helms and swords would go where.

What most likely won't be touched
WAC Legion - it only reedit vanilla legion armors, so all this diverse legion armors Oscuro added won't be replaced, making a mess of styles. Unless someone willing to make WAC-Legion style versions of OOO armor textures this mod won't be considered as a required module
WAC Gladiator - roman style arena does not look naturally in IC as it now

OOO highwaymans break wac highwayman associates.
OOO guard fix script is kinda broken now - it does not work with new Bruma and legion loadouts, so script would require edits
Sulinus Vassinus occasionally prefer to walk around nude. No one else seems to have problems... Maybe just my bug
Wrye Bash can't create python patch with this mod anymore. Use CBash instead.

Require more info
I keep hearing that wac.esp has land tearing with ooo somewhere around skingrad but was unable to find anything. Would really appreciate help of someone experienced, who can check for land tearing there and give comprehensive answer.