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Update May-14-2010: You may want to check out this Revisited version by LazyAltmer, he fixed some bugs and made it a bit more customizable: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=20575

See the readme.

Here is the readme:

Crowded Roads v2.0 - Revamped
This version by MaXiMiUS
Original by BkWyrm13
maximius at gmail dot com


This adds random travellers to all the main roads in Cyrodiil.


Simply unrar the Crowded Roads.esp file into your Data folder and
enable the mod from the Data Files menu in the Oblivion launcher.

Do the opposite to uninstall.

For new versions uninstall the old mod. Save your game. Install
the new version. Then the next time you play it should work.


- Load order does NOT matter.

- iLevItemLevelDifferenceMax conflicts are OK.

- No, NPCs do NOT have ub3r l00t issues.

- Maintaining 'alternate' versions is tedious.

- Found a bug? Tell me, but be sure it's actually a bug first.

- Please, don't pester me over the same thing AGAIN and AGAIN.

- Yes, I plan to do that. Want it done? Stop asking! Thanks.

- No, I cannot make some NPCs travel in groups, and some solo.

- No, I cannot make NPCs do wonderful things like raid dungeons.

- This mod COULD not conflict with any other mods/NPCs/quests.

- Question not answered here? Let me know, I'll add it.

Sorry if that seemed rude, but it doesn't seem reasonable for me
to answer the same questions for every single person that asks.


FINISHED off Redguards, totalling 263 NPCs! Phew.

EXTENSIVE work on scripting, as well as extensive testing.

COMPLETELY rewrote how NPCs choose to travel between towns!

ELIMINATED slowdown for the most part. Levelled list markers no
longer have a script attached to them (this was old travel system).

Reduced chance of NPCs spawning down to 1/50 chance.

Probably some other stuff too, I always forget to mention something.


35 NPCs -> 263 NPCs

40% chance of NPC spawning -> 2% chance of NPC spawning

NPCs always walk -> NPCs have 10% chance of having a horse

NPCs always walk -> NPCs have a 10% chance of 'rush hour mode'
which means they try to run everywhere

Fixed NPC 'stacking' duplication bug from original modification.

Partially Static/Incomplete Clothing -> Completely Random Clothing

Partially Static/Incomplete Armor -> Completely Random Armor

Completely Static Personalities -> Completely Randomized Personalities
(This means NPCs can be crazy, wimpy
..brave, lazy, mean, and so on)

No Travelling Adventurers -> Travelling Adventurers

NPCs Travel During Blood of Daedra Quest -> NPCs Stay Indoors, to
stay consistant w/ lore

Suppliers 10 Levels above you to level 30 -> Suppliers 2 Levels above
you to level 50

Travellers 1 Level above you to level 20 -> Common Travellers same level
as you to level 50, middle
class travellers 1 level above
to level 50 as well

Nobody has any abilities -> Suppliers + Adventurers have an endurance
and health regeneration bonus, Middle class
NPCs have health regeneration bonus.

Only Imperials and Nords -> Imperials, Nords, Khajiiti, Argonians, Dark
Elves, High Elves, Orcs, Redguard..

Suppliers have mostly static items -> Completely Random Items

Travellers regenerate 1 HP/sec and gain 25 luck when fighting you, when
fighting anybody else they do not regenerate HP, and they lose 25 luck.

iLevItemLevelDifferenceMax changed from 8 to 128, this is to avoid high
level adventurers having nothing but glass, daedric and ebony.