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A dear friend was showing me pictures of her heavily modded Skyrim. One of the images she posted was her night sky and I started looking at Skyrim mods. I found myself in awe of 'Skygazer Moons' so I borrowed the 2k version of fadingsignal's excellent work just to take a look at them. Adding them to my relatively lightly modded Oblivion, it turned out that the 2k images where a tad bit much for my vanilla Oblivion sky. For some reason the moons looked pixelated in their movement and didn't look right. So I scaled the images down and, just for the heck of it, added a normal and specular map to them. Though not perfect, I was rather pleased with the results. So I contacted fadingsignal and asked if he had any intentions of adding his moons to Oblivion. He informed me that he wasn't playing Oblivion, but said I was welcome to port them if I would like. So, Much Thanks to fadingsignal, here is a watered down version of of his Absolutely Fantastic 'Skygazer Moons' from Skyrim to Oblivion :)

Installation: Back up any previous mods that alter data\textures\sky. Use manual, OBMM, Bain, Nexus Mod Manager should work also. My personal preference is Bain.
If any questions arise as to how to use any of the above pm me here or contact me at [email protected] But be warned that I very seldomly check my emails. I will assist in any way that I can.

Uninstallation: Remove Masser*.dds, Secunda*.dds from the data\textures\sky directory

Credits: Please see Skygazer Moons Thank You.txt in the Readmes folder in the data directory. Again, Special Thanks to fadingsignal.

License and permissions: Under no circumstance use any of this without explicit permission from the original author 'fadingsignal'. Feel free to contact me but the final say is his. Reach fadingsignal at http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/users/2546964/?

Issues/bugs: This has been tested on a relatively unaltered version of Oblivion. I'm not running any high resolution texture packs or enbs so I've no earthly idea how those will be affected. Daytime moons may be overly bright but those are affected by lighting, weather and possibly enbs outside of my scope, knowledge or preference.

Future plans: I'm using a rather old but above average computer. I'm building a newer one relatively soon so I'll probably raise the resolution and tweak everything as soon as possible. If requested I'll do it but I've no way to test it.

All that being said, I hope you like it and I hope to improve upon it in the future. All be Well, Anoxeron