External Camera Upgrade with Predictive Aiming by Movomo
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Added: 11/05/2017 - 02:29PM
Updated: 11/05/2017 - 02:29PM

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Last updated at 14:29, 11 May 2017 Uploaded at 14:29, 11 May 2017

This mod is a little tweak to a small plugin called External Camera, originally
written by Alenet. This version includes restoration of the 'target lock'
feature, formerly known as 'stay on target' in prior versions of Oblivion
Reloaded,  (Camera handling has been removed from Oblivion Reloaded) with 'aim
prediction' newly added.
This mod also changes the original ExternalCamera's shotcut behaviors slightly.

Like the original External Camera, this mod requires CameraCommands by Alenet.

    Compatibility (On updating from the original ExternalCamera)
This mod is supposed to replace the original ExternalCamera.esp file, in case
you were already using it -- the esp's name is identical for a reason.
You can use the old ExternalCamera.ini file, though newly added features will
not function and new settings will be forced to the default values. So,
naturally, I strongly recommend that you replace the ini file as well.

This manual contains only minimal information, but this isn't a complicated mod
either. If you can't get your bearings, just read the .ini file.
I said this mod is an "upgrade", but I will not guarantee this one will be
"better", especially if you're a super minimalist. I changed hotkey behavior
a bit (explained below) and I can understand if you don't like it.


* Switching Camera Mode with Hotkey

This is what the original ExternalCamera had. The mod lets you store multiple
view presets whether it be OTS, TPS, Isometric view, or something else that
comes to your mind, and cycle through them at will.
Hotkey behavior has been slightly changed, however. The CameraKey (F8 by
cycles forward through your stored camera views. The FastCameraKey (F7
by default)
lets you jump to the last camview, and hitting it again will revert
to the default view.

* Crosshair On/Off
DarnifiedUI users only. In addition to specifying the position & angle of the
game camera, you can choose to enable or disable the crosshair for a specific

* Combat Lock-on

This is what older versions of Oblivion Reloaded had. The LockOnKey (Capslock
by default)
lets your character always head towards the target. (disabled by
default) However, there exist several important differences from what you may
had in Oblivion Reloaded. The .ini file contains more detailed explanation.

On entering the lock-on mode, the mod will try to pick appropriate targets for
you, if you haven't specified any yet.
The potential pool of targets can be
different for different type of gameplay. You may prefer blowing up your
enemies, as you usually do, but sometimes you may want to be pieceful and
prefer to heal your friends. This preference is configurable.

Your potential targets are sorted by distance, so if you enable target lock
without manually specifying anyone, it will always try to pick the closest one.
You can change target by 1) hitting the TargetNextKey (Left Shift by default),
2) removing your current target from the scene by any means, and, 3) performing
a hostile action to your desired target. Your chosen current target will be
marked in blue overlay somewhat like the Detect Life effect. (The marker effect
can be seen through walls for no more reason than simply because it looks

This mod also provides you more freedom of control of your character by
limiting the possible angular range of lock-on. Say, there are times where you
just don't feel quite right to march towards your adversaries... you know this,
all thanks to your vastly superior tactical insight... right...? Not
necessarily implying your vastly superior marksmanship, mind you, but anyways,
now you can run away from enemies freely when need arises. You can specify the
effective range of target lock, such that if you're not trying to do something
interesting or not heading toward the right direction, this mod will not 'get
in your way'. Also, due to the way the target lock works, this feature can seem
quite similar to the 'magnetize' effect in some FPS games.

* Aim Prediction

This mod also provides 2-dimensional (default, but disabled) or 3-dimensional
aim prediction. If you don't know what it is, it's what you see in every
flight-shooting games such as Ace Combat or HAWX series. I would have to say,
this feature is not perfectly lactose-free, but hey... your enemies are doing
it all the time too. They just don't seem like being too good at it because of
the extreme gap between your intelligence and theirs.
- 2D prediction: The mod attempts to predict the target's movement over x-y
plane. It translates to the PC's left-right angle.
- 3d prediction: The mod attemtps to predict the target's movement over x-y-z
space. The additional z element translates to the PC's up-down angle.

There are caveats I must confess, however.
- The 3D prediction is sometimes not accurate for some reason. (I'm suspecting
one of the math functions are not working depending on the input)
- 2D prediction is reliable, but the computation does not take gravity into
account, so it's still difficult to hit a moving, very distant target, with a
- Finally, know that even if the prediction is accurate, it does not
necessarily mean you will actually hit the target. They may evade/outmanuever
your projectile just like you can with theirs.


Alenet, for CameraCommands OBSE plugin and the original ExternalCamera.
The Oblivion Script Extender team, for providing a new environment of modding.
And probably more.