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This OBSE plugin adds commands to manage the camera position.

Permissions and credits
Obviously the OBSE plugin. A big thank to the OBSE Team for the incredible work made.

This OBSE plugin adds commands to manage the camera position for the third person view.
It is useful to create mods with particular views like panoramic, shot in motion, battle cam, vanity cam for actors (not only for the player).
You can find the documentation in the download section.

- CameraMove
- CameraRotate
- CameraMoveToPosition
- CameraRotateToPosition
- CameraLookAt
- CameraLookAtPosition
- CameraStopLook
- CameraSetRef
- CameraGetRef
- CameraReset

If you are using the Enhanced Camera mod, download the Enhanced Camera + CameraCommands plugin from the download section and replace your OBSE_EnhancedCamera.dll with this one. I merged the CameraCommands into the OBSE_EnhancedCamera.dll. DON'T install both CameraCommands.dll and OBSE_EnhancedCamera.dll.

- Camera commands work only in third person view so they don't interfere with the Enhanced Camera mod or other first person mods.
- A command works until you restart the game (or obviously until you reset the camera).
- The camera position is not stored in a savegame.

Honor and glory to LogicDragon for the Enhanced Camera plugin and for having published the source code of the file and given the opportunity to modify it. THANK YOU.

You can do what you want with the plugin. I published also the source code for any changes or use.
Anyway please credit me if you modify it or use a part of it.
Thanks to Bethesda, the community and to several modders involved in Oblivion projects.

v 3.0
- CameraLookAt fixed to look at the head if the ref is an actor
- CameraLookAt shift parameters added to look at a ref with a shift (optional)
- CameraStopLook added
- Code optimization

v 2.0
- All type of ref supported (actors and not)
- CameraMoveToPosition added
- CameraRotateToPosition added
- CameraLookAt added
- CameraLookAtPosition added
- CameraSetRef added
- CameraGetRef added

v 1.0
- Initial release