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The roads are empty no longer...

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4th Place Winner of the March 2017 Files of the Month for Oblivion!

So, first things first. There are plenty of mods that do what this mod does. Plenty of them are awesome, but they make unneeded changes to the game (such as deleting all the Upper Class Clothes), or adds in lore-unfriendly characters that are way OP (Crowded Roads Advanced), or otherwise makes the roads too crowded(Again, Crowded Roads Advanced) to the point you see a traveler caravan every two seconds. This mod seeks to change all of that. No unneeded changes. No OP characters. No large ass caravans every two seconds.

Just travelers.

Now, why in Oblivion are the roads so empty?! Sure, the occasional Legion rider or Sunday stroller, but why? Isn't Cyrodiil the heart of the Empire? Wouldn't there be travelers going to and fro? Province to province? City to city? Apparently, Bethsoft thought this idea was far fetched. Tsk tsk tsk... well, problem solved. This mod adds in the following NPCs that you could encounter on the roads:


Travelers - Your average Joe or Jomamma wandering the roads. Their clothes will always suggest exactly what their economic situation is. Prime targets for bandits. They are always wearing typical clothing. Never armor.

Adventurers -
Fearless men and women and mer and beast who live for danger and adventure. These people are hardy in battle and will not go down easy, but their loot might be worth the trouble should a bandit happen upon them. They often wear a mix of armor and clothing.

Suppliers -
A bandits wet dream. These people, hired by shopkeepers in the various cities to deliver packages and cargo to their collaborators in other cities, are always clad in armor and will not go down without a fight should they be accosted. So, bandits beware!

Peddlers - Travelers who are making their way to various cities in hopes of peddling whatever they have scrounged up on their travels. Perhaps a bandit could find easy prey in this direction?

Wayward Spirits - Lost souls forever wandering the nights of Tamriel, alone and forgotten. These spirits may not pose a direct threat to you, however should you accost one be prepared for the fight of your life.

Wayfaring Knights - Members of Imperial nobility, they wander the roads of Cyrodiil in order to help maintain the Empire that is crumbling around them. They have no enemies, but will aid any member of the Blades, Nine Divines, Imperial Legion, or Nobility factions if they ever chance upon them in combat.

Hunters - Regular hunters, traveling the roads to their favorite game reserves.

Argonian Warriors - Regular Argonian citizens from around Tamriel, taking up arms upon hearing the calls of the Hist - beckoning them to return to Black Marsh in preparation for war. Attacks Cultists on sight.

Royal Messengers  - Men and women, loyal to the various counties of Cyrodiil, bringing forth messages by word of mouth to the other Counts and Countesses of Cyrodiil.

Impoverished Knights - Low ranking Knights of Imperial Nobility, traveling the lands in search of their fortune. Functions similarly to Wayfaring Knights.

Treasure Hunter  - Men, women, beast, and mer that scour the land for their fortune.


Soldiers - Men and Women of the Imperial Legion assigned a beat to patrol on the roads of Cyrodiil. Bandits should always stay away from these guys, as its their job to clean the scum off the roads. They are always wearing Legion Armor and utilize both Silver Longswords and Silver Claymores. They attack Smugglers, Fugitives, Camonna Tong Smugglers, Dark Brotherhood Assassins, Graverobbers, and Morag Tong Assassins on sight.

As of V.1.8, there are now Nightly Legion Patrols.

Witchhunters - Vigilantes taking it upon themselves to rid Tamriel of those who utilize the dark arts. Skilled in magic in their own right, and no less with a bow, these men and women can take anyone on. Even bandits. They attack Witches, Necromancers, and Cultists on sight.

Vampire Hunters - Skilled trackers and vigilantes wishing to clean the night of its filth. These men and women do not discriminate and eliminate any kind of vampire with impunity, seeing the scourge a stain that must be removed at all costs. They attack Vampires on sight. They will also attack vampiric players on sight.

Bounty Hunters - Mercenaries and Privateers, donning their armor and weapons to bring justice to fugitives on the lam in order to make a living. Will attack Fugitives and Players who have recently escaped a Jail.


Monks - Holy men and women on pilgrimage throughout Cyrodiil. Their only means of defense being their fists. But be warned, these individuals are skilled in pugilism and will not go down without a fight - bandits beware.

Pilgrims - Commoners of Cyrodiil who have taken up arms to combat the threats to the Imperial Cult. Attacks Cultists and Witches on sight.

Crusaders - Members of Imperial Nobility who have taken up arms to combat the threats to the Imperial Cult. Attacks Cultists and Witches on sight, functions similarly to the Wayfaring Knights otherwise.


Apprentices - Mages Guild Apprentices journeying out into Cyrodiil, doing jobs for the Guild in hopes of attaining further ranks the Guild has. Mages make not for easy targets, for their dabbling in magic and their equipment always involving a defensive staff, bandits should beware. Attacks Necromancers on site.

Mercenaries - Fighter's Guild mercenaries on dispatch missions to locations around Tamriel, not just Cyrodiil, and armed to teeth with armor and weapons such as steel and chainmail. Skilled warriors in their own rights, they can topple most of what stands before them. Even petty bandits.

Blackwood Company Mercenaries - Blackwood Company Mercenaries on dispatch missions to locations around Cyrodiil. Will attack Fighter's Guild Mercenaries and Fighter's Guild-oriented Players on sight.

Agents - Blades Agents, traveling in plain clothes around Cyrodiil, keeping an eye on the Empire from the shadows. They attack Cultists on sight.

Traveling Scholars - Scholars of the Mage's Guild traveling the roads of Cyrodiil, seeking adventure to unravel the mysteries of Mundus. Attacks Necromancers on sight.

Spellswords - Members of the Knights of the Lamp, rooting out necromancy wherever they find it on the roads of Cyrodiil. Attacks Necromancers and Graverobbers on sight.


Witches - Women skilled in the dark arts wandering Cyrodiil in hopes of avoiding their pursuers, the Witchhunters. They are not to be trifled with however, as their magic could easily destroy all who oppose them. They are attacked by Witchhunters, Pilgrims, and Crusaders on sight.

Vampires - Creatures of the night seeking new refuge under the cover of the moon. Strong, swift, and deadly, these individuals should not be accosted lest the bandit falls prey to the terrible vampire disease. They are attacked by Vampire Hunters on sight.

Cultists Members of the Mythic Dawn, traveling around Cyrodiil in order to further their wicked goals. Attacks Agents, Pilgrims, Crusaders, and Witchhunters on sight.

Necromancers - Nefarious defilers of death, wandering the roads to in order to further the end goals of Mannimarco. Attacks Apprentices, Traveling Scholars, Witchhunters, and Mage's Guild-oriented Players on sight.


Smugglers - Members of the Thieves Guild tasked with transporting hot goods to Fences in various cities, these people travel only at night and wield very little in the way of self defense. Bandits could make an easy fortune off of these guys. These people wear leather armor and a black hood in order to conceal themselves at night on the roads. These men are attacked by Soldiers on sight.

Assassins - Dirty and secretive criminals traveling the night on a hunt for their target. While they aren't exactly interested in you at all, they are more than ready to send your soul to Sithis should you try to stop them.

Fugitives - Escaped prisoners and criminals on the lam, wandering the roads of Cyrodiil in hopes of finding a place to hide from the Legion. Bandits shouldn't waste much time on them, for you both fight on the same side. They are attacked by Soldiers and Bounty Hunters on sight.

Camonna Tong Smugglers - Members of the Camonna Tong, attempting to broaden their horizons in Cyrodiil. They attack Smugglers and Thieves Guild-oriented Players on sight. They travel only at night. They are attacked by Soldiers on sight.

Morag Tong Assassins - Members of the Morrowind Government-sanctioned Assassin's Guild, on dispatch missions around Cyrodiil. Fierce enemies of the Dark Brotherhood, they will show no quarter to any worshipper of Sithis. They travel only at night. They attack Dark Brotherhood Assassins and Dark Brotherhood-oriented Players on sight. They are attacked by Soldiers on sight.

Graverobbers - Highly secretive people that have made deals with various necromancers, traveling the night to protect their highly illegal cargo. Attacks Traveling Scholars, Apprentices, Mage's Guild-oriented Players, and Spellswords on sight. Is attacked by Legion Patrols on sight. They travel only at night.

Hey, guys! You should also install Smarter Bandits by David Brasher. Why? Well, to make your TOC Experience even greater, of course! I mean, whats travelers without a few bandits?