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Add breaks to the main quest line so you can do other things instead of rushing from one quest straight into the next.

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Add breaks to the main quest line so you can do other things instead of rushing from one quest straight into the next.

Time Enough At Last
A Main Quest Enhancement Mod

   ...because when the end of the world comes you need some time to read

What is it?

Quite simply it adds breaks to the main quest line.
Don't feel rushed from one quest to the next.
Have time to help other people.
Give Martin time to read.

What else should I know?

Time Enough At Last adds several breaks in the main quest line so that you can do other things instead of just rushing from one quest into the next. The nature of the changes mean spoilers are unavoidable in the details so I have put the detailed changes into a separate section at the bottom of the readme. Broadly speaking however, it adds 7 breaks during the quest line. These can be individually set to any length you desire. By default the breaks are all set to 7 days from the end of one questpoint to the beginning of the next. This will make the main quest take about 2 months in-game, depending on how much your character attends to it, but this can be adjusted to your taste.

Additionally, random oblivion gate handling (number and chance to open) is set by a separate section in the ini file. Note that the changes are only handled at discrete points in the questline.

Time Enough At Last is recommended for new characters, or at least ones who haven’t completed the Finding The Heir quest. Use at your own risk if your character is further along in the main quest. It is recommended to make a save before installing so you can revert if needed.

This will conflict with any mod that changes the middle stages of the main quest line. Fortunately there aren't too many such mods. Since the Unofficial Oblivion Patch includes many fixes, this mod is dependent on the UOP. Mods that change how random Oblivion gates are handled should not be used; changes can be set via the included ini file instead. Any other conflicts should be handled by loading this mod after other mods.

Unofficial Oblivion Patch

Make sure you have the Requirements installed.
Extract the archive to your data folder, activate it, and play.
You may configure values in the ini file.

Credit to the great Oblivion modding community for inspiration, utilities, tutorials, etc.
Quarn, Kivan, Arthmoor, PrinceShroob and everyone who contributed to the UOP fixes.

You may do whatever you want with this mod.

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