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Updated Initial Glow. Made for use with Fall of the Ayleids.

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This mod is a long overdue update of Initial Glow by Soor (creidiki).

This new version includes the change made in Effect drain shader initial glow only by kuertee.

This mod is highly recommended for my quest mod Fall of the Ayleids because FOTA is heavily character-based and without Initial Glow the characters look ludicrously stupid.

You can use it without FOTA, however. Oblivion in general looks bad with persistent glow.

What it does

From the original author:

"This mod aims to remove persistent glow from your game, while retaining compatibility with mods that change magic.

The glowy saran wrap of enchanted armors always pissed me off, but unfortunately existing mods which aim to achieve the same effect modify the magic effects directly - magic effect records store base cost as well as other info about spells, which when used on top of spell changes can cause novice spells to require a skill of 50 and other strange effects.

This mod removes persistent membrane shader effects by editing the shader records, which only store information pertinent to the graphic effects.

The glow of the effect will flash briefly, and then disappear. Hence the terribly imaginative name.

Thus, it should be fully compatible with magic rebalances like MightyMagick and those that will be present in OOO 1.3

Conversely, if you have mods that use the standard shaders for custom spells, their shader effects will lack persistent glow."

Also included is the optional "Creatures" addon that removes glow from creatures like Atronachs and liches. This is your personal preference.

Credit of course goes to creidiki for developing Initial Glow. Credit also goes to kuertee for finding a shader that needed updating.

Why Bethesda included persistant plastic glow effects in the game is beyond me, but it's fixed here and now. I cannot play Oblivion without it.

There is no "self" version in this mod and I'm keeping it that way.

You can PM the author "Soor" on the original forums. He has given permission for his mod to be used.