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True HD, parallax-enabled remake of Imperial dungeon/prison

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The Imperial dungeon/prison (chargen) is one of the most neglected texture sets in the game. Aside from Qarl's universal pack, I have not actually seen any other mod which edits these textures. So I took it upon myself to do something about it. You might not be spending a lot of time in here (unless you're a very unlucky criminal), but this is after all an iconic place where you first start the game, and I simply couldn't stand looking at that ultra blurry brickwork any longer (not even Qarl edited the alcove brick textures for the prison cells, so I guess this makes me a pioneer of Oblivion texture modding even in the far flung future of 2016)

You will find minimal use of cheap upscaling of the 512p originals used here. Instead virtually everything has been either replaced with completely different HD textures, or carefully traced by hand over the original in cases where it's important to preserve specific geometry details in the textures for the model's UV map. Many surfaces like walls and floors have been parallax-enabled as well to provide much greater 3D depth to the geometry.

Tileset meshes affected by Unofficial Oblivion Patch have been natively integrated. Screenshots taken with Oblivion Reloaded and ENB. They were only brightened a bit in post to improve clarity due to the inherent dark lighting.

Immersive Sounds Compendium 2.0

GOSH - Gecko's Oblivion Sound overHaul 2.1
Gecko's Imperial Dungeon Textures
Gecko's Ayleid Ruins Textures
Gecko's Fort Interior Textures