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A simple texture replacer for the chapel altars.

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-Better Altars-
By Superandultra


This mod was made with the intent of making the fabric on the Altars, look more like Fabric. This is merely a simple texture replacer for the altars and their normal map, as such this mod should not conflict with any plugins.

Richer Normal map: This is an optional addon that makes the normal slightly richer, and makes the lighting on the gold details more noticeable. THIS HOWEVER DOES NOT REQUIRE THE ORIGINAL FILE! This can be installed without the main texture and the altar will maintain the better lighting.


Merely extract "Textures" into your Oblivion Data folder and overwrite any conflicts. This should be installed after any texture packs to ensure the higher detailed textures won't be overwritten.

To install the richer normal map, simply follow the step above.


None that i know of. Do however, install after any texture pack to ensure that the textures and normal maps are not overwritten.