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There's so much great hidden thing in Oblivion that you never know before.... This mod will change your adventuring style and view completely, you'll realize there's so many you've missed ... Also, yield system revamped with ransom (the FIRST in Oblivion) and smarter AI real watcher guard

Permissions and credits

I am The Amulet of Greed (AoG) -- born 2015 October

and I'll make sure your Oblivion experiences
- guaranteed - a  F E A S T !!

Thank You for your Vote (File of the month)  Really appreciated !

I really Love this mod, if you like AoG too I suggest you   track down this mod because I frequently update it
I am going to slow down/semi-hiatus for awhile, but I can still answer questions or receive inputs~ Thank you for all of your supports !!

::::: PROLOGUE :::::

"I found the right words why I think AoG is far better mod than MOO or OOO. Both MOO and OOO are great MODS, but they change too much, they add too much, they change the game so much it hardly feels like Oblivion anymore... With AoG it is not like that, AoG feels more like a 2.0 Version of Oblivion. Every features added feels like they are part of the original game, does not tarnish the original vision of Bethesda. I think that is why I am so in love with AoG and so passionate about it. So there it is, my opinion why I think AoG is the best mod ever made for Oblivion, at least it is for me. :)"
~testimonial from user Seferoth

 or Kudos are really hard to comes by, If you think my work here deserve thanks please do that. I'll gladly accept & really appreciate it, cheer up my life more. Making script & logic is hard u know :p
This mod is so Easy to install, can be configured by INI or in-game too !
if you have any Cool or Funny screenshoots for AoG upload it here !! Thx b4  !

[  What is AoG ?  ]
~ please CLICK spoiler button ~

[  What's New ?  ]
New Greed Extinct !!

[  What's Next ?  ]

You have some new fresh idea or opinion ? and want to brainstorm ??
Let's talk !! I've opened several threads in here :
• Discussion about Greed Quest
• Discussion about Real Singing Bard

- Teaser, video showcase by bevilex -
for more AoG Video showcase click here

[  FAQ  ]
1. Between upgrading versions, clean save suggested ?
No need to start new game to implement new features, if you do update --- AoG will notify version upgrade in your last session. This mod works on loaded savegame.
2. Should AoG always be built into the bashed patch ?
No, this mod is standalone can still run well even without Shivering Isle. But Yes --- for the best stability I implore you to use Wrye Bash - Bashed Patch for Oblivion, Trust me you won't regret it. For native/former AoG users that using WB, I will try to slip message something like 'PLEASE REBUILD your Bashed Patch' in changelog
3. Is AoG compatible with other overhaul mod such as MOO , SDR , FCOM , Frans , OOO ?
Yes, it is compatible. Several users reported to me (I analyzed it by their submitted load order)
4. Why sometimes my Oblivion crash when looting arrow ?
Probably this issue caused by 2 things. First is because EquipmentMode in OR mod (Oblivion Reloaded ---> from this thread) you should turn that feature off. The Second is, because Heap algorithm from OSR mod (Oblivion Sutter Remover) some user report that Heap algorithm can cause their game become unstable. This issue is global not just affect AoG, that two great mods OR + OSR have this issue since long and somehow not all user have this issue.
5. Why NOT ALL AoG features toggled on/off ready ?
So far AoG users is all Jolly Happy Merry with current, you can see that evidence by reading AoG comments history. BUT if you think some features should be toggleable just tell me. Then I can make that patch ready. IMHO the current AoG built-in features that non-toggleable is the most crucial one and non-negotiable, because it is NEEDED for every Oblivion user.

[  Incompatibilities  ]
... Please, don't stack AoG with :
- Reeners Guard Overhaul, will conflict with Greed Watcher
- SM Combat Hide, will conflict with Combat Timeout feature
- Duke Patricks Near Miss, will conflict with Greed Ranger. But it will be fine with SDR near miss or MOO near miss feature
- Dungeon Actors Have Torches / Exterior Actors Have Torches, will conflict with AoG Torch
- Neck Seam Fixer / Neck Seam Concealers / Luchaires Neck Seam, will conflict with Greed Amulet
- Daily Income Revised by RogueMage, will conflict with Greed Wallet
- Book Tracker, will conflict with Greed Wisdom
- Save Skill Books For Later, will conflict with Greed Wisdom
- Duke Patricks Fresh Kills Alert NPCs, will conflict with AoG built-in corpse alert when pc murder actors
- Random Encounters, will conflict with Greed Wrath
- Crime has witnesses by kuertee, will conflict with Greed Law
- Running Revised Sprinting Fatigue, will conflict with AoG Greed Rush
- Clean up by kuertee, will confcilt with Dynamic Object Purger
- NO PSYCHIC GUARDS 12, AoG already contains game setting that make guards more reasonable
- Enchantment Restore Over Time OBSE, will conflict with Reanimate Enchantment & Ayleid Well Refill

[  Known issue  ]
- please don't use AoG with mod stated above (see green text above) AoG is containing that many feature itself so don't worry. I think incompatible mod list is more than that, because I really need some feedback & report from you if you find any conflicting mods
- Conflict with any mod that >> change all good NPC into evil faction. The example I found is mod "Duke Patricks Fresh Kills Now Alert The NPC" this great mod have bug that modify all nice actors to evil faction so many things become mess up
- if you have Add Actor Value mod installed in your load order, sometimes there is little conflict with that mod. So far is just minor with Greed Snatcher causing infinite stolen item can be picked up repeatedly
- feature Camera Mode in Oblivion Reloaded will conflict with Hunter mode. Just turn off Camera Mode from OR INI file and you should good to go

You will NOT find this mod elsewhere, if you found this mod in other sites THAT file is unauthorized & PLEASE tell me ASAP
This is just my little contribution for Nexus & the community hope you like it. Oblivion is my first best custom personal game

Thanks to Master Forli my modding skill is improved
Thank you Bethesda! Thx Nexus! Thanks creative modders all of you give many great inspirations!

Nice feedback from : (sorted by timeline, newest grace is last line)
asteriasennall (pict + suggestion + bug reporting + DONATION)
Tsuroshi (pict + AoG vocab help + suggestion + bug reporting)
motarx (suggestion + bug reporting)
Grogrokl (suggestion + bug reporting)
forli (EXPERT script consultant, my teacher)
Oblivionaddicted (suggestion)
ElderScrollsFan001 (suggestion)
Dennai (suggestion + bug reporting)
dzzjj (suggestion)
wroma74 (bug reporting)
fienyx (suggestion)
Maskar (torch light source)
Elbethien (AoG torch mesh help)
forumid (suggestion + bug reporting)
FireTehVahu (suggestion + bug reporting + DONATION)
Susaphone (suggestion + bug reporting)
Fafnir01 (pict + suggestion + bug reporting)
zdswulyx (suggestion)
TheOxrox (bug reporting)
scythiss (bug reporting + DONATION)
Tiawar (suggestion)
llde (OBSE bug ticketing help)
HagenTronje (crypt design help)
cheechaedo1 (suggestion)
CarlosS4444 (suggestion + bug reporting)
bevilex (bug reporting + Video)
monkeyangie (bug reporting)
Mercer Meka (suggestion)
kadzooks (bug reporting)
monshael (suggestion + bug reporting)
Aariez (bug reporting)
thelegg77 (suggestion)
roblesstevena (suggestion + bug reporting + mesh editing help)
NudasPriest (bug reporting)
LostJak (suggestion)
Seferoth (AoG vocab help + suggestion + bug reporting + DONATION)
DylanXX2 (bug reporting)
Karmus15 (suggestion + bug reporting)
Mat1024 (suggestion)
escaspain (suggestion)
zeroCoo1 (bug reporting)
Gonzales320 (bug reporting)
sunhawken (bug reporting)
T3alrose (suggestion)
(if your name is not listed here & had contributed PLEASE tell me)

Detect Item by Wyzard - for idea of item detection, so I can expand this idea to be more
Detect Goods by Pepsi - for great effect shader that I applied it to container, dead body & plant
Life Detected by tejon - for effect shader collection, especially the good plasma effect
Neck Seam Fixer by Alenet - for making amulet to be better eye candy and fit to the neck, Vanilla amulet is too much gap

Neck Seam Concealers Expanded by Khettienna - for many beautiful amulet mesh for neck seam
DZ Auto Harvest by DZ - for example get mass plant script
Reneers Guard Overhaul by Reneer - for guard follow and bribe script, so player greed using AoG can be suppressed
Crime has witnesses by kuertee - for make great mod to player crime detection
Loot To Gold by Zephalos - for container transaction code, this give me idea so stolen item ownership can be overridden
Crowded Roads Advanced by Shakh - for making great npc on the road of Oblivion!
SM Combat Hide by Strategy Master - for example aggression confidence actor value and hide combat logic
Duke Patricks Near Miss by Duke Patrick - for great idea for archer realism and npc behaviour
Dungeon Actors Have Torches by nenina - for idea that make oblivion not too creepy so there's is a light in the darkness...
Daily Income Revised by RogueMage - for payday idea allowance makes player using thief character can be more cheer up
Book Tracker by wavion - for his idea about tracking player book read history
Save Skill Books For Later OBSE by showler - for making skill upgrade from skill book can be used later
Duke Patricks Fresh Kills Now Alert The NPCs - for idea about npc consciousness, care about fresh corpse nearby
Random Encounters by b3w4r3 - for example leveled list that can be used to generate simple random spawn
Crime has witnesses by kuertee - for great mod that prevent psychic crime detection in Oblvion and more realism
Dynamic Torches by Malonn - for example Drop Lit script so torch can be more useful in combat
DA Sprint by Deathless Aphrodite - for sprint running script and backwards penalty add much realism
Clean Up by kuertee - for give us modder the idea of cleaning up the unwanted object
Enchantment Restore Over Time OBSE by flyfightflea - for great alternative enchantment recharge
Diverse Magic Effects Resource by CookiesMonster - for its amazing magic effect variant
Pet your animals by T3alrose - for cute animal petting animation

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