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      The Hesu Mod Collection

The Hesu mods initially came to my attention via screenshots posted on here on Oblivion
Nexus. The plugins were located on a Japanese website, with little descriptive information,
and were mostly unheard of in the English mod community. Translated text reveals that the
author gave permission to enhance and redistribute so long as the proper credits are given. 

I have uploaded them here so that the English modding community can also enjoy these 
wonderful creations. 


The Hesu Mod Collection includes 15 amazing plugins which are primarily landscape mods.
But they also contain small settlements, creatures, and NPCs. Each of the mods overhauls,
and indeed truly transforms a specific region of the game.  

What makes them truly outstanding is the use of strictly vanilla Oblivion and Shivering Isles
material. The creative ways in which the vanilla items are used is masterful. Please read the
brief description for each plugin, and see the included screen shots, to get a better idea of
what they each do. There is also a cell grid map available which shows the in-game footprint
for all the plugins. It can be viewed in the screenshot section or downloaded from the files
tab under "Miscellaneous".

Each of the individual plugins are undergoing renovation. Many things in the originals were
left either partially or wholly in Japanese. There were also a number of minor glitches which
needed to be addressed, and patches needed to be created to resolve conflicts with other

The HESU plugins which have already been completed can be found on the files tab under
"Main Files". Compatibility patches are found under "Optional Files". The mods listed here
as Under Construction will be uploaded once all work on them has been completed.

The original HESU plugins are also still provided in case anyone wants them. They can be
found in the "Old Versions" category. Be aware that I will not be providing any kind of support
for them moving forward. They have been cleaned with TES4Edit, but are not fully translated,
and contain a large number of minor bugs and glitches.

Released Plugins

1. HESU Apple Hot Springs - Formerly HESU5 AppleOnsen. Onsen refers to a Hot Spring or
     Bath House. This plugin makes extensive landscaping changes North and East of Bleakers
     Way. Contains exterior hot springs with streams and waterfalls running down into the
     village. Also adds some farmhouses and SI structures which serve as bath houses.

     Patches available: Alternative Beginnings, Reaper's Bleaker Way Village Revamp, Roads of
     Cyrodiil, , and Trails of Cyrodiil. 

2. HESU The Hell Lands - Formerly HESU5 JigokuDani. A direct translation. This plugin 
     transforms a large area West and Northwest from Hermaeus Moras shrine. It turns the
     snowy mountain terrain into a series of sulfurous pools with liberal use of SI flora, fauna,
     and architecture. 

     Patches available: Cyrodiil Inns, Kvatch Rebuilt, Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul, Star's Rest,
                                 and UL Cloudtop Mountains
3. HESU The Poison Swamp - Formerly HESU5 PoisonNuma. This plugin overhauls landscaping
     for a large portion of the Blackwood Forest due East of Blankenmarch. It extends from just
     North of Fort Blueblood to slightly past Onyx Caverns. Also makes extensive use of SI flora
     and fauna.

     Patches available: Unique Landscapes-Blackwood Forest

4. HESU Skyrim Temple - Formerly HESU4 SkyrimSinden. This plugin adds SI structures in the 
     mountains due North from Sedor Ayleid Ruins, which spread East and West along the ridge. 
     Contains minimal landscaping which is kept to the immediate vicinity of the structures. The 
     larger part of this plugin is interior cells which have a ruins type theme.

     Patches available: Order of The Dragon, Snowy Road to Bruma, UL Jerall Glacier, UL Snowdale. 

5. HESU Gnoll Mountain - Formerly HESU5 EudaBear. While there is a bear in the mod, the name
     doesn't translate to anything. Gnoll Mountain better describes the area that this mod edits. This
     plugin does a good deal of landscaping and adds a number of structures on Gnoll Mountain. It
     starts south of Bruma's Great Oblivion Gate and extends all the way uphill to the Frostcrag area.

     Patches available: Better Cities v6.0+, DLC Frostcrag Spire, Frostcrag Village, Snowy Road to
     Bruma,  Unique Landscapes-Snowdale. Patch for Frostcrag Reborn and some combo patches are
     still WIP at this time.

6. HESU SmokeTown - Name unchanged, just removed the number prefix. This plugin adds  a 
     village and landscaping using SI architecture in the mountains NW of Cheydinhal. Starts from Lake 
     Arrius and spread all the way to Azura's Shrine area. Lots of little gullies in the terrain filled with 
     mist, hence the "Smoke Town" moniker.
     Patches available: UL Arrius Creek, UL Jerall Glacier. Snowy Road to Bruma patches are still WIP.

7. HESU Valenwood Mine - Name unchanged, just removed the number prefix. As the name would 
     imply, this plugin adds extensive landscaping and SI structures that make up a large Mine complex. 
     Edits start due Southeast of Kvatch Mesa near Mortal Camp and spread all the way to the Strid River 
     cliffs on the Valenwood side, which is where the mine is located.

     Patches available: Valenwood Improved

8. HESU Great Forest Gorge - Formerly HESU4 GaraGara. The name doesn't translate to anything 
     sensible in English, so was changed to reflect what the mod actually does. This plugin is focused 
     around massive landscaping which adds a gorge and swift mountain stream. There are settlements 
     along the length of the gorge. Edits start from near Piukanda at the top and run downhill to near
     Fort Empire on the Red Ring Road where the creek empties into Lake Rumare.

     Patches available: Hoarfrost Castle, Verona House Bloodlines, UL Lush Woodlands

     Known Conflicts: Grass Overhaul. Using the .esp from Grass Overhaul results in large landscape
                               conflicts near Fort Empire and the farm at Lake Rumare. The simple fix is to
                               not use the .esp from Grass Overhaul. Fixes the problem, no patch necessary.

9. HESU Shipton - Formerly HESU4 NomutonMura. The original name translates roughly to Sheep
     Village, which makes sense considering what you find there, but sounds kind of silly. Shipton is 
     an Old English name which means pretty much the same thing, and at least to me, fits better. 
     This plugin overhauls a good sized portion of the area between Anvil and Kvatch. It adds various
     settlements and farming which include of course sheep.

     Patches available: Highwood, Mages Cross, Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul, Reclaiming Sancre Tor,
                                Roads of Cyrodiil. Also contains some multi-mod combo patches.

10. HESU Dive Rock - Name unchanged. This plugin edits just what the name suggests. It adds a 
       stream, heavy landscaping, and settlements. Edits start North of Cheydinhal near Walker Camp 
       and spread uphill all the way to the Dive Rock area.

       Patches available: UL Jerall Glacier

       A patch for UL Arrius Creek is still a WIP at this time.

11. HESU Seaside Settlement - Formerly HESU5 IsobeGyoson. The name change is an almost exact
       translation. This plugin adds extensive landscaping changes and settlements. Edits start just East 
       of Anvil Castle and wrap around the coastline well up into Strid River.

      Patches available: AFK_Weye, HESU Shipton, Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul, Kragenirs Death Quest,
                                 Side's Sailing Ships, Valenwood Improved, Reclaiming Sancre Tor.

      A patch for UL-Cliffs of Anvil is still a WIP at this time.

12. HESU Koyo Town - Name unchanged. It doesn't really translate in English, but I liked the sound of 
       it and couldn't come up with anything better. This plugin adds significant landscaping and a rather
       large village. Edits starts near Fort Coldcorn and spread uphill all the way to just near Moranda.

       Patches available: Settlements of Cyrodiil-Clearwater Farms and UL-Lush Woodland. If using with
                                  Runestone Village, download the most recent version to ensure compatibility.

13. HESU Wolf's Borough - Formerly HESU5 GFBedTown. After very thorough investigation I was unable
       to find any internal references that explained the mods original name. What I did find was that almost
       all of the Construction Set references in the mod begin with the prefix "ookuma", which translates to
       "Wolf". This includes some of the NPCs. Hence the new name. This plugin adds a small town beside the
       Gold Road, along with a good deal of wetlands themed landscaping and some other structures. Edits 
       begin near Grayrock Cave. 

       Patches available: Reclaiming Sancre Tor, Roads of Cyrodiil, Settlements of Cyrodiil-Oranstad Township,
                                 Shezries Towns.

       Patches for Castle West Weald and UL Ancient Redwoods are still works in progress at this time. 

14. HESU White Rose River - Formerly HESU5 GreenRoad. As the former name suggests, this plugin adds 
       a small settlement area on the Green Road. However, the far larger portion of this mod is focused on
       completely overhauling landscaping along the entire length of the White Rose River. This includes various 
       ruined structures, a gorge complete with a large scale Ogre's Den, and a large Ayleid Ruin on the shore
       of Lake Rumare. 

      Patches available: Artifacts, Elsweyr Anequina, Faregyl Village, Knights Revelations,  The Lost Spires,
                                 MTC Expanded Villages, Roads of Cyrodiil, Shezries Towns, SOC-White Rose Farm

     A patch for Glenvar Castle is still a WIP at this time.
15. HESU Fairmere Village - Formerly HESU5 UraraMura. This one just didn't translate well. Urara is a 
       girls name which roughly equates to "pretty". Pretty Village sounded a little off to me. Fairmere, another
       Old English name meaning fair view, or pretty view if you will, seems to work in this case. This plugin 
       adds settlements and extensive landscaping to a large area North of White Rose River and Fort Roebeck.

      Patches available: Silverflow Ranger Camp, Knights of The Nine-Revelations, Elsweyr The Deserts of
                                  Anequina, Roads of Cyrodiil.

      A patch for Trails of Cyrodiil is still a WIP at this time.

Still Under Construction

A few miscellaneous compatibility patches which should be wrapped up soon.


Oblivion patched to 1.2.0416
Shivering Isles - All the plugins use SI content so you will need it installed.


1. Extract to your Oblivion Data folder either manually or using the mod manager of your choice.

2. Set load order.

3. Play and enjoy!

Load Order

Suggest using BOSS to set load order. All of the plugins (original and updated versions) have been added
to the Masterlist.  

If you don't use BOSS (Why not?), the plugins can be manually sorted into the exact order they are listed
on this description page. I suggest placing them just above the Unique Landscapes mods in your load order.
All patches are being designed with load order set in that fashion.


Depending upon which Hesu plugins you choose to use, there are a number of potential mod conflicts. 
Compatibility patches are available as optional downloads for all known conflicts. Please report any
conflicts that have not been listed in the description above.

A compatibility patch for The Ayleid Steps can be found here. Addresses conflicts with Apple Hot Springs,
Great Forest Gorge, Hell Lands, Koyo Town, Shipton, and Smoke Town. 


Bethesda              - for creating Oblivion.
LHammonds         - for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
HESU                    - for doing a fantastic job creating the original mods
Vorians                - for taking time out to create the Cell Grid Map
WalkerInShadows  - for the priceless assistance with translations 
me                       - for general bug fixing and patching

Legal Stuff

The original author listed these as free to edit and re-distribute with proper credits. With that in mind feel free to
use the original plugins as you wish. If you wish to alter and redistribute the updated plugins please contact me first.