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Park your mounts nearly anywhere until you need them, such as in front of your mod-added player home, or stable them at any city for a weekly fee. Supply them with comforts and goodies. Call your last horse to you. Fully compatible with any and all horse mods. Requires OBSE v20 or higher.

Permissions and credits
Horse Management v1.31

This mod has four separate features to allow for the care and feeding of your equine companions:

--Stable Markers--
If you want to use a particular exterior location as a stable area (i.e., the exteriors of house mods often come with a non-functional stable or fenced yard), buy a stable marker and drop it in that location.  To stable a horse at a stable marker, simply ride the horse up to the marker, dismount, and activate the marker.  You'll see a message, and a spell effect will play on the horse, confirming that the horse is now "parked".  That horse will contentedly remain right where you left it last, even if you fast-travel or mount another horse.  You can keep using the same marker to park horses until you have filled that marker's capacity.  To "un-park" a horse, simply mount it; this will free up a slot for another horse to be parked.

Stable markers are available for sale at most vanilla general goods vendors.  They come in three varieties: 3-horse, 6-horse, and 12-horse.  A greater number of horses require a greater amount of space, so each type of marker is designed with this in mind; thus, you should use the one that best fits the spacial capacity of your stable area.  You can use multiple markers in any quantity or combination you like.  You can place them in most any exterior, except in dangerous places like Oblivion planes.  If you are going to use multiple markers in one location, I recommend you space them apart, allowing the horses plenty of wander space (intersecting horses are creepy, k?).

If you pick up a stable marker while horses are still stabled at it, the horses will revert to their vanilla behavior.

--Stable Supplies--
Most vanilla general goods vendors now carry a small assortment of basic decorative stable supplies.  Bales of hay; fillable water troughs; buckets of apples, carrots, and oats; stable blankets; even a Dwemer stable heater can be purchased and placed in your stable area to keep your horses warm and cozy.

The bales of hay, buckets, and water troughs all start out grabbable and draggable, so you may place them as you like.  Activating them will pull up a menu, offering you the choice of locking them in place/unlocking them so they can be moved again, or picking them up.  You can sneak + activate to pick them up without the menu.  Water troughs will have an additional option to fill or drain.  Due to Havok issues, the blankets start out locked in place and just above the ground; however, they can be unlocked or locked just like the other items.

The heater will always be static (locked in place).  When you drop it, it will automatically be on the ground and upright just in front of you, and facing you.  It has a menu like the other items, including the ability to turn it on or off.  And, like the other items, you can activate it while sneaking to pick it up without a menu.

Locking items in place will hide their names in the game world (except the heater), so they will blend better with their environment.  You can, however, still activate them.

--"Call Horse" Spell--
From the vanilla general goods vendors, you can also purchase a spell tome that teaches you how to call your last ridden horse (or the last horse you parked at a stable marker, if you don't have a last ridden horse).  The spell has restrictions about when and where you can use it.  You need to be outdoors and not in combat, primarily.  You can't call your horse to Oblivion planes, or any other isolated exterior that is dangerous or temporary.  By default, you also can't call your horse to inside a city worldspace; however, you can use the console command "Set KhHMQuest.AllowSummonInCities to 1" (no quotes) to reverse that behavior (change 1 to 0 to change it back).  Please note that these checks don't cover locations added by mods, so you'll have to use your own common sense for that.  This setting also affects Stable Marker usage.

--City Stable Services--
You can now pay 25 septims per week (or partial week) to stable a single horse at any of the eight vanilla city stables.  This is great if you don't own a home with a suitable stable area, such as if you live in the city.  Horses stabled this way will not fast-travel with you, will not mosey off when you mount another horse, and cannot be called by the "Call Horse" spell provided in this mod.  Speak to the stablehand at any stable to drop off your horse.  The money is due when you pick up your horse.  If you ride off without paying, it will be a crime; you will get a high bounty, and the stablehand will not do any business with you until you pay what you owe, plus some extra to cover his inconvenience, and earn back a little of his trust.

If the stablehand should die while your horse is stabled, the horse will remain at the stable; however, you will be free to pick up your horse at anytime.
You must dismount before you will be able to stable your horse.  The dialog topic will not appear if you are mounted.

If you have a different current horse with you when you pick up your stabled horse, your stabled horse will no longer be in the care of the stablehand, but will not be your current horse either, and so will follow you until you stable her at another city stable or park her in your own stable with a stable marker.  If you don't have a current horse, your stabled horse will simply become your current horse, and behave as normal.

All of this is done without editing any horses or their default AI.  This means that all of these features will work with any horse, including those added or changed by mods.

All meshes have been pyffi'd for best performance, all resources have unique file paths, and all plugins have been cleaned with TES4Edit for best compatibility.

New this version:  *Really* fixed the 6-horse and 12-horse stable markers to support the named number of horses.

Requires the latest official Oblivion patch (
Requires OBSE v0020 or later.
Elys' Universal Silent Voice is recommended, unless you don't care to read any dialog.

Mod Installation Guide
Mod Troubleshooting Guide

Thanks to/for, in no particular order:

  • InsanitySorrow for proper havok & collision on the stable supply meshes, and for the stable marker mesh & texture
  • Vince Bly for the HMTK, used to build the heater
  • the AWLS team for the IllumAnimation tool used to light the heater
  • Texian for the Water Static mesh & texture used for the water trough
  • scruggsywuggsy the ferret for implementing the new OBSE functions needed for this mod to exist
  • kuertee for help with compatibility with Horse Commands
  • Deepfreeze for helping even more with compatibility for Horse Commands
  • a HUGE thanks to Athray, and the Beta Testing & Analysis Guild at TES Alliance, for playtesting
  • and of course, Shadowmere, for always obnoxiously returning to Fort Farragut, thus inspiring this mod.

You may re-use any of this mod's content in your own Oblivion mods, as long as you don't charge money for it, you credit me for my work, and you credit anyone I credited for their work.

You may share this mod freely, as long as you don't charge money for it, and you include my original Readme.

Please enjoy. =)