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Adds a small farmstead to the area north of Skingrad.

Permissions and credits
Name: Dandelion Farm
Version: 1.0  / 1.2 Update
2015-04-20 - DESCRIPTION update, no file changes*
Category: Abodes
Requires: Oblivion, Shivering Isles
Author: MsFrankenstein

Only description changed as of 2017-09-04, change included only an update for the mods description which included a link to a video in which this mod was present.


[Old decription]
This is my first public mod, it contains a house that I have created for myself, and in honor of a friend of mine and her cats.

Credits and video made by Morrowind Modding Showcases.

A farmstead located just north of Skingrad. The deed for the house is available for purchase from Gunder at Colovian Traders in Skingrad, who will sell the deed for cirka 4,500 depending on the players disposition and mercantile.

The previous owner left a journal by the table outside.

Lots of safe* containers for storage.

Recycling Bin, harvestable clam and rat meat (Do not store items in these!).

New sheep and pigs will be delivered every few days after slaughter.

Two cats, and a rooster, essential.

Enchanting Station (removed in the update).

*ALL of the containers inside the house are non-respawning EXCEPT the Roasted Rat, the Clams in the kitchen area AND the recycling bin.
All of the cabinets and containers have the name "Safe" in the titles to punctuate this.

North of Skingrad, a map marker is included.

Oblivion, Shivering Isles.

1.2 (Typo in the ReadMe and OMOD Conversion)

You are now required to purchase a Deed to Dandelion Farm from Gunder at Colovian Traders in Skingrad, purchasing the deed will add a key to the players inventory that is needed to unlock the house. The Deed is set to be valued 3,000 but Gunder will sell it for cirka 4,500 Gold depending on the players disposition and mercantile.

The Pathgrid has been updated and the cat Haze should not be stuck below the floor anymore.

Enchanting Stone has been removed by request.


It is recommended to download the updated file available in the file-section as it's the one who is the most free from bugs and pathing problems, other than that the original file works as well but it is not recommended to bring any followers into the house as I can't promise the said follower wont get stuck or otherwise bug out - so please see to that you download the updated file.

I am not to be held responsible for missing followers otherwise, if it does happen to be the case that they do become stuck inside the updated house do send me a PM and I will look into solving any pathing problems for the future.


A new update to the farm is coming soon, including a stable and other small buildings(number uncertain) along fields of various produce to grow, as well as more animals and hopefully more elaborate scripts similar to Millstone Farm regarding animal handling and respawns - as it was suggested to bring a fee in order to have more animals delivered to the farmstead after slaughter, for a fee, instead of the vanilla respawning feature.
No promises however as I am a novice regarding scripts and such things. But hopefully!

The Dark Elf woman that is set to wander outside Skingrad High Gate tends to show up at the farm every now and then, as the player approaches she wanders off again and loiters about in the outskirts of the farm instead of returning to the road below the Skingrad bridge. I do not know what is causing this, but as she is not involved in any plots or has any dialogue of importance it is nothing that will ruin the game or the players experience.

How to install
The mod is compatible with both NMM and OBMM, it is recommended to use either of these.

For manual installation, simply extract all the folders except the conversion data. However this is not recommended and I suggest you opt for using either of the tools mentioned, I will not reply to any comments regarding missing files or otherwise bugs caused by f***ups regarding files becoming messed up.

Do make a habit of using OBMM or NMM.

The pictures are taken using Lush and Gaudy Floriana Gloria, and Lush and Gaudy Interior and Exterior Mod. The house and location was designed with LFGF in mind and it is recommended but not required to run the mod, but the exteriors will look very different without it.
Also the interior and textures of the house will look different without the LGIE texture pack as it is a lot more colorful than the default textures or Qarl texture packs.

Unique Landscapes
Unique Landscapes compatibilty is tricky, the exact cell where the farm is located is placed just a few inches below the edit made by the UL-mod that edits the precise landscape where the house is situated. So using UL works but there will be a small gap just in front of the house. It is nothing that will break your game BUT it will look awkward from some angles.

Lady Nerevar

I have tried to contact Mmmmmmm to recieve permission to use his cat textures, but with no luck as it appears his inbox is full.

Regardless, I take no credit for any of the work made by the names mentioned above.