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Added: 26/05/2006 - 03:12AM
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This has probably been a long time coming, but I would like formally announce that I'm no longer working on this mod. The texture artist and I have long since moved on to other concentrations.

That said, I'm really glad to hear that people have enjoyed the mod throughout these years. As I've said before, this mod is also meant to be a modder's resource. Feel free to use the files as you see fit and hopefully improve on what is available.

This should also be mentioned in a text file within the archive, but I felt it wouldn't hurt to mention it here.

Enjoy. It's been a pleasure working on this.

Capes and Cloaks by Someone1074
Excellent Textures by Belenos

Instructions: Extract to the Oblivion\Data folder and check it off from the Data Files option when you start Oblivion.


Well, after a lot of work we now have a huge variety of capes and cloaks available in the world of Oblivion. They can be found for sale at moderate prices in the Divine Elegance clothing store which can be found in the Imperial City.


Cape and Cloak styles:

Small (short cape length)
Thin (thin cape width)
Large (broad shouldered, minor pauldron clipping, wide cape base)
Very Large (very broad shouldered, minor pauldron clipping, very wide cape base)

Cape and Cloak colors:

Black with Red Inner

Currently the textures are made so that anyone with photoshop or any .dds altering tool can add
their own specific insignia's to the capes. That is to say that each side of the capes have their own area
on the texture file. So by all means, modify this mod to your liking and enjoy the base we have made
available to you.

v1.1: Added restocking capes. They should follow the same pattern as other respawning merchant chests...round 72 hours+ for capes to restock.

v1.2: Added purple capes by request.