Dawnfang Katana by TheInkBunny
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Added: 07/05/2014 - 10:46AM
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Last updated at 3:07, 23 Sep 2014 Uploaded at 10:46, 7 May 2014

v1.1 By: TheInkBunny

Shivering Isles


To me the Dawnfang and her sister blade Duskfang always seemed over the top in its design. This mod changes it to better reflect its Akaviri origins.  Specifically this mod replaces the Dawnfang and Duskfang models with the Akaviri Claymore (Katana) mesh.  Inventory icons have also been updated.  
The player has a choice of Fighting Styles (One Handed or Two Handed) andHilt Color (Black or Brown) (v1.1).

"Dawnfang Katana" is largely cosmetic and shouldn't cause any problems or conflicts. All vanilla scripts have been preserved, and it will still switch blades at 6:00 am/pm.

For a manual installation, copy the meshes and textures folder into your data folder. For one handed fighting, you're done. If you want two handed fighting, you'll need to also move "Dawnfang Katana - Two Handed.esp".

This should work without issue, but if you find any problems, try placing "Dawnfang Katana - Two Handed.esp" at the end of your load order.