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Races and Birthsigns Rebalance which aims to make all races and birthsigns unique and usefull while staying true to lore.

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============ DESCRIPTION ============

Yet another races/birthsigns rebalance mod... Sorry, but I've plowed through all of them and they either add abillites/powers that wasn't lore friendly, uncharacteristic for the paricular race, or overpowerd hurting game balance. So this is my attempt to make every race and birthsign unique, not only out of a gameplay perspective but also for what distinguish each race and birthsign.

While I wanted to make every birthsign useful and every race have their own advantages, I tried to stay as close to the lore as possible and also looked at the origin of the races from Morrowind, how they were balanced in Skyrim and the astronomy lore of the birthsigns. All races and birthsigns have both constant abilities and one greater power which can be used once a day.

One of my goals is to balance this game out of a role-playing perspective, in vanilla Oblivion, you could adapt any race into a rough or warrior style but it was much harder to play as mage with any other race than High Elf or Breton. So I've reduced some of the race abilities a little bit instead improving some of the weaker birthsigns.

Another aim was to be restrictive with the attribute bonuses on the birthsigns to give you more room to level since attributes are capped at 100. And also I've tried to tone down near-immunity resistances as this hurts gameplay in my opinion.

Length dependent speed bonuses are untouched from vanilla Oblivion. In-game description and loading screens have been updated.

============ TABLES ============



High Elf
The High Elf had a bit extreme abilities for being race-abilities so I toned them down a bit moving them closer to their abilities in Skyrim. With this change, and also considering they have the highest speed bonus of all races in the game, the male characters doesn't need the extra endurance compared to female High Elves and Bretons.

Resist magic 10% might not seem much compared to Bretons resist magic 50% in Morrowind and vanilla Oblivion, but the fact is that resist magic did not protect against spells with magnitude such as Fire, Frost, Shock, Paralyze or Silence in Morrowind, which it does in Oblivion. This was addressed in Skyrim by removing Bretons magicka bonus and halving their magic resistance. I choose to keep their magicka bonus and reduce their magic resistance a bit more instead.

Dark Elf
A fairly balanced race with decent skills and attributes, fire resistance reduced, like it's been in Skyrim, not to make it so easy to obtain immunity.

This race were a bit weak compared to other races and since they according to lore are supposed to be "well-versed in the magical arts", I changed their poison resistance, which were removed in Skyrim anyway, into a small magicka bonus as it seemed fitting for this race. I also changed mysticism for destruction and raised their endurance a little bit.

Khajiit were not really particularly good at anything, or very strong either, while males have low endurance females have a speed penalty. They are however according to lore supposed to be "fearsome warriors", so I had to bump up their endurance and gave them a 10% resistance to magic which didn't seem too out of character for this race considering their thicker hide and fur from their animal derivation gives them some protection. They are also supposed to be superb thieves but didn't have matching skills for that, so I increased their sneak skill, just as were also done in Skyrim. At last I turned 5 points of hand to hand into 5 points of marksman for them to be able to make good use of their high agility.

Wood Elf
Wood elves were one of the weakest races in the game without any strong abilities and were males have a nasty speed penalty and females very low endurance affecting maximum health, so I compensated with high restistance to paralysis, which otherwise is a hard resistance to obtain.

Imperials also needed some kind of improvements to make them comparable with the other races. Being well-educated, well-spoken and diplomatic, they should be able to come to terms with most other races fairly well, so I made reactions from other human races a bit more friendly. And to help them live up to their "remarkable skill and training as light infantry" description I also gave them a small health bonus and changed out hand to hand skill for athletics.

Nords are without any extra abilities a good warrior race with beneficial attributes, skills and speed bonus so I just slightly lowered their frost resistance.

Red Guards
Red Guard are supposed to be well-rounded warriors having "cultural affinities for many armor styles and weapons (particularly swords)" so I changed 5 points of blunt and athletics into 10 points of marksman. This might also give them a little bit different playstyle than that of Orcs and Nords, making them more unique. I also changed the resistance to same as in Skyrim.

Like Nords a strong warrior race with high endurance and good speed bonus that doesn't need any strong ability bonuses to be a capable warrior race. In Skyrim their resistance to magic were completely removed, I changed it into resist poison which I feel is believable for Orcs.

No scripts! Should be compatible with any mod.
Feedback is much appreciated!