HD jerall ice texture with transparency by xrayy
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Added: 05/01/2014 - 03:32PM
Updated: 05/01/2014 - 05:27PM

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Last updated at 17:27, 5 Jan 2014 Uploaded at 15:32, 5 Jan 2014

i haven't found a realistic texture for the icy mountain lakes and the default ice textures are quite quality limited. so this is my creation of an ice-HD-texture-replacer (2x2K) for dungeons and mountain lakes or for whatever you want ;).
this zip-file includes the dds-file with a normal map. It provides real ice feeling with a slight tranparency effect of natural ice. so you will see some details under the ice (if existing) depending on the brightness of the surrounding light.

** update end of july 2014 **
if you like my mod and do not need my "clean" textures (V1.0 more blue, V1.1 more white) please download maczopikczo's mod "Nice Ice a.k.a. The Hills Have Ice" http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45342/.
this mod is easy to install, it includes my texture and it is the "complete solution" mod for better an more immersive ice.

simply search for the texture file you would like to replace depending on your config and/or rename the two files of your standard ice-textures if necessary.
With UL-jerall glacier mod installed simply replace the existing files (palepassice04.dds) with the files in the zip folder. It changes the ice/lake textures for the jerall-lakes and the glacier and its surrounding lakes. you should find the files to replace in the folder ../data/textures/dungeones/misc (ul glacier-mod installed).
this might defer depending on your config and installed mods.
if you are not sure what to do simply install ul-jerall glacier mod first and then search for the folder as I discribed above.

two versions
you can download two versions. the first one (1.0) has a deep blue colour, the second one (1.1) is more realistic. each one works perfect in addition to the glacier-mod. its your decision and simply a matter of personal taste. watch my pics and decide or try simply both.
if you are not familiar with the replacing procedure of oblivion textures, please be so kind and use the the internet for getting this information first.

this is my first small contribution under all this fine mods here.
the picture material is free for non commecial use. for the two files I used the gimp and the necessary dds-plug-ins. thanks for downloading, testing and your comments. user-pics are highly appreciated!

have fun!