OBSE Elys USV AnathemaStudio Update v1 by Anathemastudio
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Added: 03/11/2013 - 06:30PM
Updated: 03/11/2013 - 06:30PM

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Last updated at 18:30, 3 Nov 2013 Uploaded at 18:30, 3 Nov 2013

This OBSE plugin is for Oblivion or Morroblivion:
- Is an updated version of Elys_USV, updated by Anathemastudio, and it plays a 30 second duration silent voice for any missing voice file.

- Uses generic lips moves (when available) for 30 seconds for any missing lip synchronization file.

- If the subtitles are turned off, Elys_USV_ANATHEMASTUDIO_Update_v1 will force display subtitles for missing voice files.

- You will have up to 30 seconds (versus Elys USV original 8 sec) to read long subtitles when there is no voice existing for an Oblivion plugin.

- If the dialog/subtitles run shorter than 30s, just click on the dialog box (as usual) to go on to something else.

- Modders creating a new plugin with no voice acting, do not have to deliver lot of silent mp3 files if the final user is using Elys_USV_Anathemastudio_Update_v1.

Thanks to Elys for creating the original!