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Most creatures and NPCs will save themselves from combat and run away or yield (then run away) before they die. NPCs will actually voice their surrender. You can talk to NPCs to after they yield to take their possessions. Some Actors will decide not to engage in combat at all. Actors will run away from or yield to other Actors.

Permissions and credits
Sometimes the "Now you die!" dialogue option won't show up. If this happens, talking to the NPC again should fix it in most cases.
Sorry for that, but I don't find what's causing this. When it happens see it as a role play feature like "Dang, I need some last words for this guy. (Exit dialogue). Nah, I'll say the usual words. (Enter dialogue again). Now you die!" ;)

Name: NPCs yield - refined
Version: 0.81f
Date: 08 November 2013
Category: Gameplay Effects and Changes
Oblivion Patch,
Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE): http://obse.silverlock.org/
Author(s): kuertee, Quabla
Original mod page: http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/22392/
Mod page of this version: http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/44314/

kuertee was so nice as to allow me to share my changes to his superb mod with the community. So if you like this new version please drop some thanks on kuertee's original mod page. If you don't like the new version please blame me or, even better, tell me what you'd like to have improved.

Updates since 0.73
0.81f, 08 November 2013:
"Now you die!" topic added to conversation with NPCs which surrendered. Possible NPC reactions (in order of decreasing probability):
a) They'll accept their fate, kneel down and say their prayers,
b) They'll cower in fear,
c) They'll try to fight back and/or flee (in this case the NPC also regains some health).
Choosing to kill a NPC that surrendered will increase infamy over time.
This conversation option and the infamy increase can be disabled in the INI file.

0.80f, 13 October 2013:
Major overhaul of the yield mechanics: some very fierce (or stupid) opponents will never yield and fight to their death. For all those which yield, the threshold when they will yield varies. Numerous parameters added to the INI.
Tweak: Flee time slightly increased.
Tweak: More randomness in the threshold when NPCs will flee from other NPCs.
Installation: OMOD is no longer supported. See below for details.

Gameplay changes
Most creatures and NPCs will save themselves from combat and run away or yield (then run away) before they die.
NPCs will actually voice their surrender.
You can talk to NPCs to after they yield to take their possessions.
25 NPCs spared: +1 Fame
25 NPCs humiliated (spared but left naked from looting all their clothes - leave them something): +1 Infamy
No bonus or penalties for those you kill.
Some Actors will decide not to engage in combat at all.
Actors will run away from or yield to other Actors.

The ESP has no master ESM. This mod should be compatible with any TES4-based games. E.g. Nehrim.
Only Actors that were spawned from a Levelled List and that don't have a Question will be given the AI.
In Nehrim, XP is awarded to lives you spared as if you killed them. The XP is awarded after the Actor (still alive but far from you) is removed from the game.
Vows of Covenant's Demand Surrender gameplay still works. You can use that or simply let them live without demanding them to surrender.
Points to Stendarr's Mercy counter are approparitely accumulated.
No Actors are modified so any mod that adds or changes actors or their behaviour should be compatible.
However, any mod that adjusts actor's Confidence and Aggression (especially during Combat) may produce unusual behaviours.

Configure this mod with its INI file in (game folder)\Data\Ini\.
NPCs who move too far from the player are removed from the game with Kill and Disable commands. Creatures are not.
Confidence and Aggression are modified with the Yield command are used to implement the behaviour (Creatures flee, Fight or Fly, and NPCsYield) added to Actors.

Creatures flee / Fight or Fly / NPCs Yield:
Confidence is decreased depending on the relative skills of a creature compared to the player's.
Player and NPC skill points formula: Blade + Blunt + Conjuration + Destruction + HandToHand + Illusion + Marksman + Myticism + Level * Level
Creatures: Combat + Magic + Stealth + Level * Level
The creatures' Confidence are modified before they enter combat. Low-level creatures will ignore your passing.
NPC's, however, are modified only after they enter combat. NPCs may immediately decide to yield as soon as combat starts if their health is very low compared to yours.
Every NPC is attributed a random number, representing its individual "courage", giving NPCs a more diverse yield behaviour.
NPCs will monitor their health while in combat. If it drops below a value between 25% and 10% of the player's health (this depends on their "courage") they will yield.
Actors who have yielded will have their Aggression set to 200 and their Confidence to -200, temporarily.
This will make them engage in Combat (high Agression) but flee (low Confidence).
After 5 seconds, their Agression is set to 0 (so that they don't attack) and their Confidence are set to their level dependant on their Skills / player's.

For Vows and Covenants players:
If the player wishes to see surrendered dialogue options, they will need to demand surrender before their opponents yield.
Note, however, that they need not demand surrender for Vows and covenants to detect mercy.
Mercy points will still be accumulated by Vows and Covenants when the player accepts the surrender and does not kill the npcs.
After NPCs yield, they will act like default friendly NPCs.

With creatures fleeing, playing as a devotee to Mara should be easier.

Upgrade from previous versions
Manual: Replace the old files and folders with the new files and folders from the ZIP.

Manual Install/Uninstall
Copy the contents of the archive into your /oblivion/data folder. In your mod manager make sure the esp stands rather towards the end of your mod list. It should especially go after other mods that alter Aggression, Confidence and combat behaviour of NPCs.
Remove the files for uninstall.

History of the original NPCs yield by kuertee
0.73, 17 January 2012:
Bug-fix: Give me... and Get out of here topics removed from NPCs that yielded to others.
Compatibility: Nehrim XP awarded for sparing lives of creatures and NPCs.
Tweak: Creatures that give up the fight flee longer. Previously it was at set up to 5 seconds.
Read-me: A concise description of the mod: Gameplay changes, Compatibility, Details.
Rewritten for ease of scanning. (And to get this ready for Skyrim users.)
0.72, 23 December 2011:
Tweak: Creatures are not killed or disabled after they yield and move away from the player.
This killing/disabling of creatures was introduced in the last version.
This should save the player's horses who run away from enemies.
0.71, 5 December 2011:
Tweak:Removed reliance on Oblivion.esm. This should be usable on mods that don't require the original Oblivion.esm.
Tweak: Creatures flee feature previously queried the creatures for NPC skills (e.g. Blade, Blunt, etc.).
This may have caused the mod to crash when 3rd-party creature mods are active.
This version removes that query on creatures.
Instead this version correctly uses the creature's Combat, Magic and Stealth skill values.
Tweak: The time that makes the creatures and NPCs flee has been shortened from 5 to 3.
This is the time when they are running away.
Shortening it ensures that they don't run too far away.
Tweak: Previously, when outdoors, NPCs commanded to "get out of here" would usually not go anywhere.
This version fixes this by forcing them to head towards the player's last interior cell.
Bug-fix: There was an OBSE v 0.20 bug that was triggered when commanding NPCs to surrender their loot.
This OBSE bug is what caused the game to crash after some time of playing.
This version works around this bug to prevent the crash to occur.
I've reported this bug to the OBSE thread: http://forums.bethsoft.com/index.php?/topic/1252750-relz-oblivion-script-extender-obse-0020/page__view__findpost__p__19483395
Bug-fix: NPCs and creatures that surrender or yield to another NPC or creature would get their Aggression stuck at 100 causing them to attack after they surrender.
Fixed in this version.
Bug-fix: NPCs and creatures who choose not to fight (i.e. their flight behaviour is triggered) would get their Confidence stuck at 100 causing them to attack later.
Fixed in this version.
0.70, 28 September 2011:
Tweak: By default, the previous loot dialogue of two options has been combined to one.
The player can take any item from the NPCs loot.
However, the player's counter towards infamy will increase if the player leaves the NPC naked (either upper or lower body).
This tweak removes the random reward of the previous version.
The previous version can be reenabled by setting the dialogue options in the INI.
0.69, 24 September 2011:
Tweak: Escape code for NPCs commanded to "Get out of here!" has been tweaked.
Tweak: Process of cleaning up NPCs that yield.
I think with introduction of the "Get out of here!" command and its the AI package associated with that, my previous "clean-up" routine became insufficient.
This, I think, caused the eventual crashes - rather than the AI package for the "escape route" alone.
Hopefully, this version fixes that.
0.68, 6 August 2011:
New feature: By default creatures are more cautious.
Their fight-or-fly behaviour is now based on their health compared to the player's health.
A consequence is that lower-levelled creatures (e.g. wolves, imps, etc...) will generally avoid the combat with higher-levelled players.
This can be turned off in the INI.
Tweak: The previous code for the NPC's escape route when told to "Get out of here!" has a potential to cause a crash.
This version hopefully fixes this.
0.67, 5 June 2011:
Tweak: Only unnamed actors will yield.
0.66, 3 January 2011:
Tweak: I removed all disposition changes by Faction.
They were too unreliable in stopping surrendered opponents from reentering combat.
Instead, I set surrendered opponents Aggressions to 0.
As per previous versions, this is reset after the player has moved away from the NPC.
New feature: With disposition changes removed, the NPCS now react correctly to the player.
I.e. they don't greet the player as a friend.
New feature: Fame and infamy
Every 25 surrendered NPCs that stay alive will give the player 1 Fame point.
Surrendered NPCs will now have these new dialogue options:
1. Get out of here!: The NPC will run for the a "load" door and use it to remove themselves from the game.
This is a method to keep NPCs alive for that Fame point.
2. Give me what you are willing!: The NPC will give the player random items from their inventory.
3. Give me everything you have!: The NPC will grudgingly offer the player everything that they have - including their clothing/armour.
This is humiliating for NPCs and 25 of these actions will give the player 1 Infamy point.
0.65, 3 January 2010:
New feature: Reprogrammed the mod.
It now uses arrays rather than scripted tokens to keep track of actors.
New feature: Fight or fly behaviour.
NPCs will flee from opponents that would be too tough from them.
New feature: To prevent yielded NPCs from attacking again, their dispositions to their opponent are increased.
Previously, "ModDisposition" was used.
In this version, yielded NPCs and their opponents are added to a "special" faction that achieves the same effect.
But with this method, the effects of the mod in NPCs will never persist after the mod is deactivated.
Bug fix: NPCs in these factions will never yield:
Daedra, Kyn, Mythic dawn, Undead.
Note that a clean-save is required to use this version.
See the Upgrade section about clean-saves.
(The changes below are now irrelvant because 0.65 has been rewritten from scratch.)
0.64, 3 October 2009: (Unreleased version.)
Tweak: While in dialogue with surrendered NPCs, RefreshTopicList is called only after the greeting is played.
Previously, RefreshTopicList was triggered while the NPC was talking causing their greeting to be interrupted.
0.63, 27 September 2009:
New feature: Creatures flee.
All creatures (wolves, horses, etc.) have high survival instincts and will flee before they die.
This is effected by adjusting their confidence in regards to their health.
Their confidence is adjusted by their health percentage: confidence = base confidence * current health / max health.
For Vows and Covenants players: playing as a devotee to Mara should be easier.
Tweak: Dialogue effects of yield:
These effects are only active during conversations.
Yielded NPCs will always have 100 Disposition towards their subduer.
Set this in the INI file.
0The disposition of npcs that yielded to the player is kept at 100.
This effectively allows the player to subdue the npc to give up information: simply attack and allow him to surrender.
However, the tone and facial expressions of npcs will convey an inappropriate friendly attitude.
This is the default and was the behaviour in previous versions.
1The disposition of npcs that yielded to the player is reset to their dispositions before the changes made by the mod.
The player will need to persuade the npc with the Persuasion mini-game to increase their dispositions.
2The disposition of npcs that yielded to the player is at 10.
But the npc's tone and facial expressions will, at least, be appropriate - i.e. aggressive.
3Set the disposition to 10 at the start of the conversation then return it to 100 after 3 seconds.
This will cause the npcs to have a mixed reaction: aggressive then friendly.
Bug-fix: A safe-guard to cancel the scripts on actors that are invalid.
Tweak: The Responsibility of NPCs can be used to determine whether they yield or not.
By default, all NPCs will yield.
However, the user can set responsibiltyForYieldBehaviour in the INI file to control this.
All NPCs with a Responsibility lower than this setting will never yield.
0.62, 9 August 2009:
Bug-fix: There was a small chance that a token behaviour on an NPC in a disabled cell may crash the game.
This version fixes that crash and finally (after previous failed attempts) removes the token behaviour on NPCs that do not need it anymore.
0.61, 21 July 2009:
Bug-fix: Knocked-out NPCs will now yield.
Tweak/Bug-fix: NPCs fighting in cells with the word "arena" will never yield.
This is "blanket" feature that applies to all relevant NPCs and cells.
Any cell with the word "arena" in its name will prevent all NPCs in that cell from yielding.
This fixes the problem when a murder is counted against the player for killing a combatant that yielded.
0.60, 8 June 2009:
Bug-fix: NPCs were yielding well before they were near death. Fixed now.
0.59, 30 May 2009:
Tweak: stat changes to Aggression, Confidence and Disposition are applied and removed cleanly.
New feature: Not all NPCs surrender anymore. But a majority of them will.
Those that won't surrender will be those with a negative Disposition to the Player and have a Responsibility of 30 or less.
Bug-fix: The INI file is now located in the Data\ini folder.
0.58, 2 May 2009:
Tweaks: to NPCs fleeing, NPC behaviour long after the surrender time limit
Note: All actors not classed as creatures surrender.
It was reported that the Ghostly warrior surrenders.
And all NPCs will yield (unless you kill with very high damage before their behaviour kicks-in).
At the moment, there are no checks or randomisations that would cause NPCs to fight to their deaths.
0.57, 9 April 2009:
Bug-fix: NPCs do not flee forever anymore. They only flee for a short distance in this version.
Bug-fix: NPCs that yield were getting removed when their combat target changes.
0.56, 25 March 2009:
tweak: Better support for Vows and Covenants:
Honourable and Dishonourable kills are now tracked correctly.
tweak: NPCs who surrendered to the player are disabled when their "yield" timer elapses.
Previously, they were killed and moved away. This didn't really work as well as I thought.
There is a "fix previous version" sequence at the start of the game or when the player next enters Tamriel (the outdoors).
This sequence will clear any NPCs who were removed from the world.
Let this play to its full. Controls will be disabled until it is finished.
When done, you will see this message: "NPCs Yield: effects of previous versions fixed."
Do not start this version on a cleaned saved-game.
But this fix sequence will recommended it if it finds that the fix didn't work.
new feature: NPCs will not surrender if the player is faced with another opponent that has a high chance of not surrendering.
This should ensure that NPCs only surrender when all the player's opponents are low of health.
tweak: Only the player's opponents will surrender.
I couldn't really get other NPCs to accept the yields without risking game breakage.
If you wish this feature reverted so that NPCs will yield to other NPCs, set yieldToPlayerOnly to 0 in the INI file.
new feature: NPCs, by default, will flee for 2 seconds when they surrender.
new feature: The INI file is a new addition.
0.55, 8 March 2009:
tweak: Complete rewrite. A clean save is required to upgrade to this version.
new feature: Support for Vows and Covenants.
You will get points (to VCSparedFoes) for sparing the lives of those that surrender to you.
You will not need to converse with them to get the points - which (I think) was required in that mod.
tweak: Removed the need for tokens to keep track of the NPC yield timer.
tweak: Moved the behaviour from an Ability item to an unplayable Clothing item.
0.53, 24 February 2009:
tweak: Restarting the behaviour once they are stalled (again).
tweak: I've thought about how to address the issue of NPCs that surrender potentially living in the world forever.
In the previous version, I decided to "kill" them when their "yield timer" runs out and they are out-of-sight of the player.
At that time, I left their bodies where they died, allowing the player to find and loot the NPCs that surrendered to them.
In this version, I decided to teleport the bodies out of the world.
0.52, 11 February 2009:
bug-fix: restarting the behaviour script on NPCs that previously yielded.
new feature: Because NPCs that yielded and are not killed may stay in the world forever, they are removed from the world after their "yield timer" runs out.
They are removed by "killing" them out of sight of the player.
Only non-essential NPCs are removed this way.
0.51, 7th February 2009:
Bug-fix: removal of behaviour when no longer required.
Bug-fix: behaviour getting applied to ghosts and/or "shadows".
Bug-fix: behaviour applicator script getting stuck.
0.50, 5th February 2009: Initial release.


kuertee in http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums/

Tools Used
Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) - http://obse.silverlock.org/
TES4Edit - http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/11536/
TES Construction Set - http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/11367/
Construction Set Extender - http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/36370/
Readme Generator - http://lhammonds.gamehost.org/obmm/tools_readme_generator1.asp

You can do whatever you want with this mod but all the authors ask in return is that you give credit if you distribute any part of this mod. The authors would also like to know what mods are including their work.