Little Skyrim Features by Hagen
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Added: 30/09/2013 - 03:35PM
Updated: 29/09/2013 - 02:27PM

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Last updated at 14:27, 29 Sep 2013 Uploaded at 15:35, 30 Sep 2013

Little Skyrim Features

Adds Frost Trolls to northern Cyrodiil and adds Skyrim like Bandit variants.

  • Marauders changed to new Bandit variants

  • Necromancer forms ala Skyrim

  • Names: Bandit Level 1, Bandit Outlaw Level 3, Bandit thug Level 6, Bandit highwayman Level 8, Bandit plunderer Level 11, Bandit marauder Level 18

Settings: Bandit fights should be way harder now, like in Skyrim. And Frost Trolls are real Monsters, not like this one-two hitable greenish vanilla cave trolls.

copy the .esp into Oblivion\Data and activate the .esp in the oblivion launcher. To delete simple delete the downloaded files.

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