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Hello, and welcome to the Mad Box. This is just a couple of mods I put together for Shivering Isles to make it a bit more fun (I may add more as I think of them). Currently, there two mods, described below. It should go without saying that this description contains spoilers for the Shivering Isles main quest.

The mod that started this thing, Wabbaback is exactly what it sounds like, if you're a madman.
I got to thinking: Why should the Madgod have to wait hundreds of years for his own artifact to re-appear in the world? So, I made this mod. If you have taken Sheogorath's place, and gave the Wabbajack to Martin to be used in the ritual to open Camoran's Paradise, then the next time you visit the Font of Madness to recharge your mighty staff, you might find a little surprise in your pocket...

Warning: Mod must be installed before completing Blood of the Daedra.

-True Prince-
This is a simple little mod that makes a few changes to the conclusion of the Shivering Isles main quest.
Once you take Sheogorath's place, you'll get a few extra perks.
First, your normal Summon Golden Saint/Dark Seducer spells will be replaced with Lesser Power versions that, conveniently enough, already existed in the game, allowing you to summon your elite guards to you as many times as you need. After all, you are the Madgod, aren't you?
It also changes the Manipulate Weather spell to be a Lesser Power, so that you can do it as many times as you wish. Once again, Madgod.
Finally, it changes the Sheogorath's Protection spell into a passive ability, but one that still only works in the Shivering Isles, making you effectively immortal within your realm. Overpowered, you say? Shut up, MadGOD.

There are also two versions of this mod, one which will change your name to Sheogorath after listening to Jyggalag's speech at the end of the main quest, and one that will not. Activate whichever file suits you better.

Like I said, I may add more mods and features as I think of them, but like the Madgod himself, this mod is entirely subject to my whim. Though, feel free to make suggestions if you think of anything neat.

Known Bugs:
In one instance, a user found that the "setghost" command was enabled for them somehow. If you encounter this same glitch, simply type "player.setghost 0" into the console to fix it.