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Last updated at 4:17, 2 Nov 2013 Uploaded at 3:32, 19 Aug 2013

Alpha release, some interiors or npcs have been added yet. I wanted to get this out before I got bored with it or lost it.

After playing AFK_Weye I always felt the "town" (more like farm) could use some upgrades and improvements. Also I wanted the town to feel safe, well-light, walled in secure town where you wouldn't mind going outside at night without worrying about bandits or minotaurs.

Weye now boasts nearly 30 homes ranging from the simple poor to nice retirement homes. The entire peninsula is now walled up. The three paths leading outside the Imperial City have gated doors that open/close at 6am/10pm (you can open them like a regular door at anytime). The main streets have large light areas which turn on/off at dawn/dusk. Several more shops will be coming down the line, mostly for the weary travels and those that are coming/going from the IC. Mostly food vendors, trinkets, pottery..etc. The simple stuff.

Currently there's no npc's nor interiors to any of the new buildings (i.e. no doors with teleport markers that would get goofed up if I had to edit them later [aka the door bug]). Theres only one quest and thats for automation not for the player.

I used AFK_Weye as a starting point, because it has interesting and easy to do quests, added Region revive and MTC Expanded villages which both added more detail to this piece of land. So, in order to use this mod without running into dependency issues you'll need:
*AFK_Weye (http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/22828/)
*Region Revive - Lake Rumare (http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/22751/)
*MTCExpandedvillages (http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/27125/)
*COBL is required but that comes from AFK_Weye and should be easy to remove if needed to (I currently have no cobl specific items)

You'll also need a couple of patches to make them work nicely together
*Rumare-AFK_Weye Patch(http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/42718/) (not sure if this is the correct one, but I don't have House of Healing and Farmers Market and it behaves correctly???)
*AFKWeye_MTC_RRLRumarePatch (http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/42718/)

*AFK_Weye - the sheep and it's quest needed to be moved outside the town. They're currently just east of that little lake/pond in a fenced in area. The quest Xmarkers were moved to so hopefuly that still works properly (I already finished that quest quite a while ago)

*Ruined Tail requires the AFK_Weye Patch to behave nicely (it moves the Drunken Dragon Inn) I left space for it. If you don't have or want Ruined Tail there is a button on the ground next to the church (behind a bush) that'll enable/disable a building in it's place so it doesn't look so out of place.

*Insanity's Pet Shop just needs a patch that's included, just had to readjust the ground and move some stuff so that's actually useable (the chairs and table outside mostly)

Majority of the weye make-overs obviously. Fort Weye, House of healing, etc...

*Red Rose Manor should be ok it looks far enough away
*Imperial Suburbs, I noticed one tree had a twin right next to it, but it's not that big of a deal
*Verona Bloodlines looks to be at least one grid block away from Weye, I didn't notice any major bugs (I could be wrong)
*Unique landscape should be ok (UL Imperial Island is far enough away)
More info would be apperaticated

Revision List:
0.1 - Initial release
0.2 - Changes the following NPCs:
* Thalonias (the AFK_Weye merchant) - He now owns the large Cheydinhal house that's right next to him. Minor tweaks to his AI schedule. Also marked as essential.
* Maliq The Tinker - Now owns a home. He *should* automatically appear at the start of the game instead of latter on. Minor tweaks to his schedule. Marked as essential.
* Horse Breathe - Now owns a small shack near the stable he used to live in. His schedule was altered so he would spend his free time at home (like eating and reading) instead of the stables. Also marked as essential.
* Elahai - Also owns a home. Until you rescue him his home will have a "for sale by owner" sign (which is using the anvil sign as a placeholder). After he moves to Weye the sign disappears and it's all good.
His schedule got a major makeover, he was doing too many goofy things (like opening up shop at 11pm). He should be marked as essential too.
* Ajee Ma - Owns a small shack down by the waterfront (near the burned garabe pit). Pretty much the same thing as Elahai, although less schedule reworking.
- Added two more npcs:
* Tirtitus Maritus - The chapel's priest, spends his days at the chapel, goes to the inn and then comes home.
* Margo Ortan - Orc who offers repair and sells goods near the west gate. Stays mostly indoors, but goes to church on sundays
- New building interiors:
* The homes mentioned above
* Margo's building was changed to better suite his needs
* Chapel interior was added

- Added Griffin's Talon's Armor patch
* Moves the empty horse stable over a ways and makes a path to the armor so it looks like it gets used (a worn path basically)

0.3 - Tweaked/fixed the previous NPC's schedules and locking/unlocking their homes
- Added more npcs:
* Archil Markus - Cook at Weye's Diner (spends most of his time in the kitcken area)
* Hagez Marchchill - Nord that owns Weye's Diner (the general inn position), offers many premade foods (pies, cookies, breads)
* Marci Markus - wife of Archil, she's the town maid, goes house to house (if the interior has been created and cleans)
* Martha Trentus - Owns the "grocery" store, she sells the ingredients (flour, sugar..etc) She's located right next to Thalonias and Elahai
* Nartha Urtha - Retired, lives in the Anvil style home. Spends most of his time outside playing some chess like game next to his house, unless it's raining
* Valron Urtha - Nartha's retired wife, reads a lot. They're retired they don't need jobs!
- Couple buildings got changed (farmhomes -> city themed homes) for more variety.

.4 - Three guards now patrol the main streets, each has they're own work schedule (8-4,4-midnight, midnight-8) They will generally stay in the tower protection area if it starts raining.
- Added more npcs:
* Dres Hala - Rich guy, lives in a large house next to the priests home
* Tarn Markall - Old guy, works in the garden, takes long rests
* Holfa Penn - Poor person, lives in a large communional home down by the water, just below Wawnet inn
* Lars Grims - Ditto
* Orvis Fortis - Ditto
* Reglian Rigdir - Ditto
* Sherva Abhuki - Poor person, lives near Holfa
* Vespa Penn - Older lady, cleans the Wawnet inn, lives in a small hut near Ajee Ma's home (husband is currently MIA)
- Couple buildings got changed again
* the empty house between the diner and the priests home is now a much larger home
* the original old deprepate fort towers have been remodeled so guards can stay there when it rains

Todo list:
People and homes obviously, although I'm not that great for interior work (probably just copy, paste and edit) If you know where you can get prefab interiors I would like to know.
MMM/FCOM friendly animals (cats/dogs/donkeys/etc...)
More flora decor here and there
close/lock the doors switch in case your being pursued by baddies
Ways to get onto the wall
- 0.3 Considering moving the horse pen/farm out further. It's currently sitting on prime, high-value land property.

Fun stuff, see if you can find:
A bed roll that can't be used (easy to find)
Something shiny (very easy because of the glowmap on it) (sorry it got deleted)
A Nirnroot
A wagon wheel
A small bellows (those for stoking fires)
A crystal ball
A mana bloom
Stinkhorn (pretty easy to find)
A small painting and a funny book in a weird place