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About this mod

Make gravity more realistic and give a chance to fall down when fall from high. And many other functions to improve control feeling.

Permissions and credits
Each funtion in this mod can be turned on/off by yourself.

Realistic Gravity
This mod makes gravity in game more realistic.
No more moon like slow-jumping and slow-falling.
Now we're on earth.

You can also set gravity in the ini yourself if don't like the default value.

Fall Down Effect and Sound
There is a bonus function: Player and NPCs have a chance to fall down when hit ground from high falling.
More acrobatics makes chance of falling down lesser.
When acrobatics is over 128, you can completely avoid falldown from high falling.--You can edit it in the ini.

A sound effect will be played when actor falls down. The sound path is Data\sound\fx\RealisticGravityFallImpact\.
It's a folder. The wavs in the folder will play randoms. You can edit it yourself.

Player and NPCs will suffer a "Pain Effect" after falldown.
The Pain effect will slow down the faller 15sec.
You can turn it on/off in the ini.

Jump Land Stop
Landing from air causes a short time stop on player's character.
The time of the stop is affected by acrobotatics. And at least 0.1sec.
Jump speed depend on player's acrobatics.
And player can't control direction in the air any more even he/she is a master of acrobatics.
You can turn off this in the ini.

Slower Run Speed
If you think the run speed of vallina oblivion is too fast.
You can turn it on in ini file to make the global run speed goes down by 20% and get more realistic motion.

No Power Attack Sliding
In vallina Oblivion, player can slide the character during power attacks by press W,S,A,D quickly.
If you don't like it. Just set this to 1 in ini. Make W,S,A,D has no effect during power attacks.


Put all files in YourGameFolder\Data.
Active the esp file in obmm
Put the esp at the end of your mod list, make sure it won't be overrided by other mods.

Recommend to use with AV-Uncapper, then your acrobatics can go over 100

If you like it, please endorse. Thank you.

Thanks to
Every one helped me.
Every one download this.

Update log
Add an option in ini to set how long an actor has been falling can make him fall down.
Optimized the Fall Pain Effect. No too slow motion on npcs any more.

Optimize the script to improve compatibility.

Add 3 detailed options for jump land stop time.
fix a bug casues actors can not fall down.

Add an option to let horses to have lower chance of fall down.
Add an option to keep arrows to have vallina gravity.

Add an option to disable gravity changing
Make the script loader item on player invisible.

Add "No Power Attack Sliding" function.
Rename the Fall Pain Effect in game.
Slower Run is off by default.

Add Fall Pain Effect.
Add an option to control gravity value in ini.
Remove jump height tweaks.- the game can handle it by itself.

Add jump land stop function.
Add slower run speed function.
Add an option to control how much acrobatics can totally avoid falldown from falling.
Delete unused scripts in esp.


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