Sigil Stone Selector for OOO by Q and DarJee
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Added: 23/07/2013 - 06:11AM
Updated: 06/11/2015 - 01:03PM

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Last updated at 13:03, 6 Nov 2015 Uploaded at 6:11, 23 Jul 2013

This plugin is complementary to "Sigil Stone Selector" mod by Q. It was created specifically for OOO players who don't have "Mighty Magick" or "Sigil Stones Expanded and Extended" installed. I appreciate your feedback should you find any errors. I went though a lot of efforts trying to figure out what needed to be changed as I'm not much experienced using CS.

Now working also for Kvatch, Bruma and Cheydinhal gates. The only SigilStone that is still randomly assigned is the one dropped by the daedric siege engine at the Battle for Bruma. I assume no one cares, and so do I. I dedicated my spare time to this mod because I felt it useful for myself. Now that is done, I like to consider it a small token of thanks for this modding community, and hope that someone could find it useful as I do.

Oblivion official patch 1.2.0416
Oscuro Oblivion Overhaul (any version would do, as far as I know).

Load this plugin BEFORE Oscuro's.
Failing to do so will prevent the correct update of OOO quests. You won't get the usual messages when killing bosses, essential topics will vanish from NPCs dialogues, and you cannot interact with certain quest items. Don't ask me why, I'm still looking into this and probably will come up with something in the future... or probably not. We'll see.

As I found out recently, this mod is incompatible with companions based on the GGC system (and maybe others, all I know is that it's perfectly fine with CM companions). This is caused by the following lines, altering the same Sigilstone scripts changed by this mod:
; ***** added by rMnQw36FcH 2007/09/02 *****
            set MQ00.GGCdoOrder to 10
; ***** added by rMnQw36FcH 2007/09/02 *****

I can't figure out the purpose of this modification, since I don't have any knowlegde of how GGC companion mods work. Because of this, I am unable to release a patch. If you intend to use companions GGC based, it's better not to use this mod. If you want to try anyway, at least:

1. Load the GGC-based companion esp BEFORE SigilStoneSelector-OOO.esp
2. As a safety measure, do not bring GGC companions with you when entering Oblivion gates.

V 1.2:
- cleaned the esp with TES4Edit. Filesize is considerably reduced, there were a lot of records identical to masters (at the time I was completely ignorant of the implications). Not exactly "dirty edits", but still they were useless junk that needed to be removed.

v 1.1:
- edited the SigilStone Scripts for Kvatch Oblivion Gate (MS48SigilStoneScript), Bruma Oblivion Gate (MQ10SigilStoneActivatorScript) and Cheydynhal Oblivion Gate in "The Wayward Knight" quest (MS13SigilScript). Keep in mind that these quests have their own documented bugs (gate not closing properly or similar issues) and that I've been able to run only a few tests, all of which were

successfull, thanks the Nine.

v 1.0:
- Made the plugin dependent from OOO (OscuroOblivionOverhaul.esm added to master list using Wrye Bash)
- Original script SigilStoneRandomSCRIPT adjusted to only include "vanilla" sigil stones.
- To avoid possible conflicts with other mods: LeveledItems containing the SS were renamed and their

content re-leveled for OOO

All credits for this work go to Q and to the authors mentioned in the original readme. The author is welcome to include this esp in the next release of the mod if he/she wishes to do so.
I'm uploading this file without asking permission, as the original author stated it was not necessary.
If there are problems please remove it and accept my apologies.