Moon elves for Tamriel - Forgotten Realms Race adaption by Hoihe Dacino
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Ahoy everyone!

This is my first mod, I did my best there.

I\'ve been getting a bit annoyed by the old woman voice of Dunmen, Altmer and Bosmer, but I didn\'t want to tamper around with the sound files nor create a simple copy of those three. Especially since such could cause incompatibilities. I\'ve also wanted an elven race that finally gives an edge in the area I aim for, without being overpowering. At last, came the moon elves from the Forgotten Realms Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting.
In Forgotten Realms, the race is known to give an edge when it comes to dexterity, at cost of constitution. It also favors the \"Wizard\" class. Below is my attempt to translate it:

Male: Female
STR 40 ------------------ 30
AGI 45 ----------------- 45
INT 45 ------------------ 45
WILL 45 ---------------- 45
SPE 45 ------------------ 45
LUK 40 ----------------- 45
PER 40 ----------------- 50
END 20 ----------------- 20

I\'ve also thrown in 3 Powers, 1 Greater Power and 2 lesser powers.
They are:

Greater Power:
High Magic - Moon elves in Forgotten Realms are one of the races capable of high magic. it requires intense study, but I give it to all races there. It\'s basically the Ace up your sleeve. It gives Fortify Magica 400 for 10 seconds, enough to cast a few spells in a tight situation. Idea is that by focusing, one can cast spells beyond their capacity. (High Magic is basically magic beyond normal limits). I may try to script up an effect that paralyses the caster for a few seconds after the 10 seconds are up in an attempt to balance it.

Lesser Power:
Hide in Plain Sight- While not an elven ability, most DnDers go for HIPS classes when playing moon elves. I intended this to be a help with the 20 END score, giving a chance to escape. It has a steep magica cost, but it will turn you invisible for a while as often as you can cast it.

Low-light Vision - Moon elves in FR have good eyesight, and so I gave them an ability similiar to Khajiit Night-eye, but longer. To balance it, it costs magica. I may remove it.

I\'ve made textures for this race, but I cannot get them to mesh well together. For now, I\'ll upload the Fair skinned version. There will be 3 versions of the race: Grey, Blue and Fair/tan. If anyone has tips how to get my textures to be the same hue, I\'d be very thankful!

None the less, the body textures are put on the shelf for now but the eye textures are still in. I\'m rather pleased how they turned out. Not too shiny, I\'d say the look natural. (as natural as yellow eye can be! Eye colours: Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow.)

I\'ll upload screenshots a bit later. I\'m not too good with the faceGen though, so feel free to upload screenshots on character results. The basic face is neither beautiful, nor ugly I\'d say. It looked awesome with the blue skin, but it has trouble matching up the body.

How to Install:


Extract the .RAR to Oblivion installation folder. Folders are stacked in a way that they go where they are supposed to go.

Activate Download the .obmm file and activate it with OBMM.