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Last updated at 14:34, 28 Jul 2013 Uploaded at 18:01, 18 Jul 2013

For some reason there was never a road to Bleaker's Way when the game was released.
Now, for the first time in known history you can get there without having to jump
over rocks and scale cliffs. Run, walk, sneak, or ride your horse on a trail that
gives you access to this hidden village. Be the first to arrive !
Trail is not too far south of Thief Stone on the road from IC to Bruma. Look for a
sign post and wooden fence. Oh, also, looking at the map might help since Gersilla
has no GPS app spell and doubts are neither does your character. Pipboys also refuse
to function, but if you have one, let me know where Gersilla can steal--buy...yeah,
buy one.
Picture of map trail location and "BleakersWay read me" included in zip, just in case
absentmindedness sets in and you need to refer to it and not have to look it up
on Nexus where you downloaded the mod from.

Computer, Oblivion.

"Roads of Cyrodiil" and "Reaper's Bleaker Way Revamp"
SO...ladies and gentlemen, patches for the conflicts are also included in
the files section. If you have conflicts, download the patches mhahn123 made.
They are free, and who knows, may someday become a collector's item.

Easy to install
Unzip file to location of your choice.
Copy or move the esp to "Bethesada SoftworksOblivionData". Check esp in the
loader of your choice.

Easier to uninstall
Just delete the esp from your data folder.

"Requirements: Trails Of Cyrodiil-Bleaker's Way, Roads Of Cyrodiil, Reaper's Bleaker Way Revamp
Author: mhahn123
A set of compatibility patches that repair conflicts created when using various combinations
of the three mods listed above.
Roads of cyrodiil is an incredibly popular mod which adds numerous road and path extensions,
bridges, anda few other things. This included a path and sign post to Bleaker's Way which
didn't previously exist.
Trails Of Cyrodiil also added a path for Bleaker's way...which in my personal opinion looked a
little more fitting for the surrounding landscape.
Reaper's Bleaker Way Revamp completely overhauls the small village and adds a new path in
the bargain.
As one may expect, using any combination of these three mods together will result in land
tears, ground textures being overwritten, buried or floating objects, and broken path grids.
There are three patches included which cover various combos of the three mods, and will
repair all of the above listed issues.
Simply choose the patch which corresponds to the mods you want to use, set proper load
order, and play. ONLY use one of the patch files."

insert usual credits and thanks here...you know, the makers of the game, The Dark One for
wasting space so this dookie little mod can clutter up a server hard drive, the Construction Kit,
Carah for doing a Beta test, especially a thanks and pat on the back to mhahn123 for making
the patches, ehh.. include yourself for downloading and looking at it.
Thank you and good night