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Replicates some of the functionality of the Custom Spell Icons mod through OBME scripting, so that users who want to use OBME may still enjoy their customized spells. Also improves on regular CSI.

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Custom Spell Icons Updated

REQUIRES the dll from either OBME, or from Custom Spell Icons, but not both at the same time!
The MenuQue plugin is needed for the custom icon menu addon in the spell menu.

As you might know, the OBSE plugins for the Custom Spell Icons and Oblivion Magic Extender mods are incompatible with each other: trying to use them both will cause a CTD.
A shame, since both offer very interesting functionality and it's too bad users have to choose one or the other.
This mod will try to make up for the loss of CSI to OBME users, by trying to replicate the main features of CSI using OBME functions... as good as OBME can anyways. If you prefer to continue using the CSI dll to avoid other issues derived from OBME, you'll also find this mod offers nice updates to it as well.

CSI provides functions to set, override (if previously set) and clear the spell icon displayed by a spell. OBME unfortunately cannot exactly do this. What it can do, however, is setting the icons for each specific effect in a spell.
This mod tries to take advantage of that, assuming that the icon displayed by the spell in the regular game is that of the strongest magic effect in it. It also provides some script improvements over the regular CSI implementation... and some drawbacks.

So, first, the bad when using OBME:
  • Due to what seems like a bug in OBME, changing the effect icon of a spell's effect can set that effect's cost to -1, sometimes affecting the entire magicka cost of the spell. This has been kind obscure for me to debug, so I don't really know very well how it works.
  • You are changing one of the spell's effect icon, not the icon displayed by the whole spell. This leads to some weirdness when the individual effects are displayed in the active effects HUD, since the changed effects will stick out from the rest.
But there are also some improvements:
  • It seems manually assigned icons didn't persist between game sessions in regular CSI, despite in theory the CSI dll did allow that. In this version's implementation, manually assigned icons should always persist between sessions unless you manually remove them.
  • The custom MenuQue icon menu has been BRUTALLY IMPROVED by moving its operation to a menu event handler, much more performance efficient and always reacts instantly to player clicks. It also can't be scrolled upwards or downwards indefinitely now. Pressing the PgDown or PgUp keys when clicking the up or down arrow will advance a full column of icons, while pressing the Home or End keys will take you to the beginning or end of the list. MOST IMPORTANT, you can define yourself which icons it will show, and how many columns they will be displayed in, from 1 to 11. It's as good as it sounds.
  • Unlike the fixed ini files that were loaded in regular CSI, here you can define which ini files you load in the main CustomSpellIcons.ini file, allowing more customization. Files to be loaded are now grouped under 'Data\Ini\CSI'. Also a few errors in the default ini files were fixed, and some additions made.
Installation is pretty much the same as with regular CSI, but again note that ini files have been moved to 'Data\Ini\CSI'. You can edit them and merge any changes you had made to the regular CSI files, or even create your own and define them to be loaded in the main CustomSpellIcons.ini
Operation in game is the same as regular CSI: you assign icons to your active spell or remove them with the keys defined in CustomSpellIcons.ini, and the spell icon menu is available if MenuQue is installed.

I take no credit for the mod as the idea and work for the original CSI mod is from statttis, so all recognition goes to him and the collaborators who made that mod's resources. Drop him an endorsement and a kudos if you haven't.