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Custom Spell Icons Updated (OBME Version) compatibility patch for NorthernUI 2.0.1

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Title: Custom Spell Icons Updated - NorthernUI 2.0.1 Compatibility Patch
Author: Grim Reaper
Release v1.0


As you can see, i am a fellow supporter of NUI!!... this UI made me entering the modders arena <3

After Loot Menu and Oblivion XP Update ... i finally could make Custom Spell Icons Updated (OBME Version) compatible with NorthernUI.
Original CSI is designed for UIs using same names references as in Bethesda original menus.... NorthernUI has been made from scratch and is using different layout and references for tiles and menus... and in return making CSI and NorthernUI incompatible.

But there is no problem without a solution isn't it?  after some research on TES4 Wiki XML tutorial, i was able to decrypt Northern's Magic Menu and make appropriate changes in both CSI Prefabs and Plugin (ESP)

I also made up a full skin for CSI to take the look of NorthernUI. Up/down arrows, icon list background, icon list indicator (On/off)

This mod does require OBME, just like original CSI Updated. You will also need CSI updated as this mod doesn't intend to replace it: it is just a patch.


REPORTS FROM USERS STATE THAT HIGHER RESOLUTION THAN 1920*1200 (my screen resolution) ARE NOT SUPPORTED (icon list tile is out off screen  above this resolution) ... I WILL TRY TO MAKE A FIX  ( It is strange because tile is supposed to position itself according to screen size)

Install Instructions:

This mod is BAIN ready and can/should be installed with WryeBash or by manual extraction (not recommended)

FIRST : YOU NEED OBME ... Install it if not
SECOND : YOU NEED CSI UPDATED.... Install it if not
(THIRD : YOU NEED NORTHERNUI 2.0.1 ... Should i mention to install it really ?)
FOURTH : Finally you can install my mod ; )

Manual Installation :Just extract Archive content to Data folder ... that is all : )


The whole work behind this mod was made by Statttis and Miguick. CSI is free to use as you see fit as per its permission status, and thus so is this. A little credits and I'll be happy.

Credits :

DavidJCobb for NorthernUI
Statttis, albertovizoso, gdarknight, Ranokoa for the Custom Spell Icons mod
JRoush for Oblivion Magic Extender
Miguick for Custom Spell Icons Updated (OBME)